How To Make A Sweet Slurpee Cup Bong

Make yourself some epic homemade smoking hardware with a Slurpee Cup. Have yourself a refreshing slurpee, then have a refreshing hit!

Jul 16, 2016

Every herb lover worth their salt has made at least one smoking device in a pinch. When it comes time to burn some bush, nothing can stand in our way. Make yourself some epic homemade smoking hardware with a Slurpee Cup! This video shows you how to make a Slurpee Cup Bong, and wow, does it give us some ideas! Talk about sweet relief.

Step 1. Gather supplies

To make the Slurpee Cup bong, you will first need to gather the following:

  • Duct tape
  • Plastic tube (in this example, an empty script bottle)
  • Glass slider (bowl + stem)
  • & of course a nice refillable Slurpee Cup with a tall straw

Step 2. The stem

Check your straw for cracks or leaks. Ideally, you want a thick plastic straw, or even better, a metal “Chiller” straw that you can usually buy for a dollar at the same place you get the Cup. Use your duct tape and seal the straw onto the cup lid. Make sure the straw is angled on or above the bottom of the cup, or you will have no airflow.

Step 3. The mouthpiece

In this video, the McGuyver uses a plastic medication bottle, cutting the bottom off. To do so, he scores the outside with scissors, then uses a lighter to soften the plastic. Then, he pierces the side and works them around to cut the bottom off completely.

Step 4. Second seal

With your wide plastic tube at the ready, seal it against the other hole on the lid. Duct tape is cheap, so don’t skimp. The only thing you want to avoid besides a bad seal is tape extending down onto the cup itself.

Step 5. Insert the bowl & go

Just load your glass bowl stem, insert into the Slurpee Cup Bong, and light it up! In under 5 minutes you have a great, reusable piece that can give massive rips, and easily be filled or emptied. The hardest part is deciding whether to use water or an actual Slurpee flavor for your liquid in the bottom!

My personal suggestion? Blueberry & Mountain Dew flavored Slurpees in a 3-to-1 ratio gives a super sweet smoke that cools you on the hottest day. After a bowl, just remove the slider and use the straw to suck out the leftover treat!

Tell us your favorite Slurpee flavor combination on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 16, 2016