Strain Of The Day: Critical Mass

There’s a reason growers love Critical Mass. The colas get so big that the branches snap. But, consumers also have reason to love this strain.

Nov 1, 2016

On a quest for an indica with a euphoric twist? Critical Mass is a lovely strain with potent sedative and mood-boosting effects. A favorite among commercial growers, this strain consistently produces large amounts of high-quality bud. Its easy-to-grow nature makes it popular on dispensary shelves, so this cheerful and giggly flower is fairly easy to find. All in all, Critical Mass is worth a try for both growers and consumers alike. 

Strain details

Critical Mass 1 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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Critical Mass is an indica cross between Afghani and Skunk No. 1. Afghani is a pure indica, and it is responsible for the heavily sedative effects of Critical Mass. Skunk No. 1, on the other hand, is a cheerful sativa-dominant hybrid. The cross between the two resulted in a heavy bodied but mentally light flower.

This strain is famous for its high yields. A new take on the cash crop Big Bud, Critical Mass is an excellent strain for new growers hoping for a good first run. It’s also decently potent, making it a popular choice for farmers and consumers alike. On average, Critical Mass reaches up to 22% THC.

The aroma of Critical Mass is predominantly hashy. The Skunk heritage adds some pungent, sweet musk to the mix, giving this strain a tinge of an aged mango feel. More than anything, though, you may notice a classic earthy kush taste inherited from Afghani.

The Critical Mass experience

Critical Mass 2 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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As an indica, Critical Mass produces some strong physical sensations. If you’re the type that holds stress as muscle tension, this strain can certainly help you relax. Drowsy and heavy-lidded, this strain can induce couch lock in high doses.

In moderate doses, however, Critical Mass provides a nice balance between physical sedation and happy, gleeful euphoria. The sativa effects shine through with a serious mood boost. The overall combination is a slow and mellow strain with a bright and elated twist.

It’s a good idea to have some snacks on hand before sitting down with this strain. Critical Mass has a reputation for inspiring the munchies. About midway through the experience, you may find yourself ready for a nice nap or some quality time in front of the TV.

Why do people use Critical Mass?

Critical Mass 3 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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At the end of a long day, coming home to Critical Mass is a real luxury. If you need to shake off your workday before sitting down to dinner, Critical Mass is an excellent tool. It stimulates appetite, lifts mood, and eases pain from hard labor or simply sitting in the same position for a long period of time.

As an indica, Critical Mass is best for evening or nighttime use. Medical patients who need relief from muscle spasms, chronic pain, and rigidity tend to enjoy this soothing flower. Of course, the sedative effects also make it worthwhile for those with insomnia.

In terms of mental health, patients often use Critical Mass for help with depression and chronic stress. The calming effects of this strain may be useful to those with anxiety. Critical Mass can also kick nausea, including nervous stomach, to the curb.

Nov 1, 2016