Watch: Tesla Confirm Epicness Of Air Filtration With Hotboxing Test

In this video, a few lucky guys get to test out the hotboxing-clearing air filtration of a stellar ride, the Tesla model X.

air filtration

Hotboxing a car, like Cheech and Chong, is a time-honored tradition, though not recommended while driving. In this video, Salomondrin tests out the hotboxing-clearing air filtration capabilities of a stellar ride, the Tesla model X. If you can afford to smoke out this car, you are doing well for yourself. 

Why the Tesla model X?

The Tesla model X is a state-of-the-art machine. What makes hotboxing this car unique is it features an advanced air-filtration system that recycles the air inside, cleans it, and negates the need for outside air.

“It’s supposed to be good for the zombie apocalypse, so let’s see if it can clean the air once we get high inside of there.”

3 guys loving a car

With the gull-wing doors down, a sweet blunt sparked and “a couple lazy friends who can hang out in the middle of the day”, the smoke session begins. There goes the new car smell. These guys definitely are definitely baked and are awed by the features of the car, including the incredible dash display, the plentiful USB ports, and lots of leg room.

They ponder the future of weed and automobiles, as according to them, Tesla cars are pulling a million miles a day in driving data from their cars, and making it possible for the future models to completely drive themselves, which means no worries about DUI’s, right? Punch in the destination, spark up and get chauffeured to where you want to go.

Air filtration activated

As soon as the filtration is activated, the air system sucks out the smoke-filled cabin in a matter of seconds, and even in the sunlight nothing can be seen. High-grade HEPA air filters clean the air so quickly, even the smell is gone. With the new car smell back online, these guys could drive this car right past the cops with no worries.

How much do you want a Tesla right now? Would auto-drive cars solve the problems of driving under the influence? Have your motor-lover moment with us on social media or in the comments below.