Thai: This Pure Sativa Will Replace Your Morning Coffee

Get ready for one insanely cerebral experience. Thai, a landrace sativa, is all energy and uplift. Pick up some Thai when you need a serious energy boost.

Nov 17, 2016

Not everyone enjoys a pure sativa. But, Thai is certainly a strain every connoisseur needs to taste. This sweet and earthy bud produces an extremely cerebral and psychoactive head-high. You’re not likely to feel many body-heavy effects from this flower. Pick up some Thai when you need a serious energy boost. 

Strain details

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Thai is a sativa landrace strain from Thailand. As a landrace strain, Thai is a cannabis variety that has grown for centuries in a specific geographical location.

Throughout their time in the region, Thai has developed unique adaptations to its particular environment. Thai is often referred to as one, individual strain, though groups of strains from the same region also fall into the “Thai” category.

This strain was popular in the 60s and 70s when South Asian cannabis trade to the Americas was more prevalent. Many argue that the original Thai is no longer available, as decades of hybridization and trade have altered the gene pools of many landrace and heirloom strains.

Back in the day, Thai was one of the most potent sativas on the market. Today, the flower averages around 20% THC, making it a highly psychoactive competitor to more modern strains.

The strain tends to have a strong aroma that contains plenty of spice. A very distinct taste and fragrance, hits of citrus and acidic pine are often detected in Thai strains.

The Thai experience

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Thai is a pure sativa. That means this strain provides one wild, head-focused experience. Thai is energizing and invigorating. It provides ample mental clarity and focus and can be as buzzy as a shot or two of espresso. The complete opposite of an indica strain, Thai produces very little bodily effects at all.

Rather, Thai strains can border on psychedelic. They also tend to have a racy quality and can cause anxiety in some consumers. However, sativa fans will appreciate the upbeat, ready-to-go, and creative vibe this strain provides. Focused, euphoric, and happy, a true Thai is worth a try for every cannabis connoisseur.

While difficult to grow thanks to its wild routes, Thai is often used by breeders to introduce sativa effects into modern hybrids. Strains that include Thai lineage include Chocolate Thai and Chocolope. Both of these strains are well-known for their cerebral and strongly energizing effects.

Why do people use Thai?

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Searching for a coffee replacement? Thai strains will provide an equal amount of energy without the added jitters. However, as mentioned, some people may experience some anxiety after consuming Thai. Regardless, this strain can be consumed in the morning or anytime when you need a mental boost.

Medical consumers tend to pick Thai for psychiatric conditions. The intense concentration this strain can produce may be beneficial to those with ADD/ADHD. Those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or weighed down by depression frequently enjoy the energy boost this strain provides as well.

Headaches, migraines, and neuropathic pain are also thought to be good candidates for Thai. It is fast-acting and has a strong effect on the central nervous system, easing related tensions and pains.

However, for extreme bodily pain, you are better off with a different strain. Afghan Kush might be a good place to start.

Nov 17, 2016