The Rise Of Haute Couture Highs & Cannaseur Chic

Canada’s cannabis companies are integrating upscale design to create a high-end atmosphere, breaking stereotypes and adapt to the growing market.

Jun 8, 2016

In an effort to break cannabis user stereotypes, many dispensaries throughout Canada are beginning to integrate and incorporated upscale vibes, turning once dingy spaces into high-end, chic shops. As cannabis continues to be more widely accepted throughout the nation the clientele is beginning to change.

New-age products

The Rise Of Haute Couture 1 A Touch Of Glass #25: Ladys Choice
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Gone are the days of simple buzz-seeking cannabis users. Medical cannabis and its growing acceptance has drawn out users from all walks of life. Successful dispensaries understand the importance of adapting to a growing market, and many are trying to do just that. Dispensaries throughout Canada are redesigning to promote a chicer, more elegant cannabis experience.

Those who create the bongs, pipes, and vapes, that we all love so much, have realized today’s cannabis enthusiasts is willing to spend whatever it takes to achieve the high they sought out. With the extreme increase of medical cannabis patients, users are no longer viewed through stereotypical eyes. Cannabis companies and dispensaries are stepping up, not only to create and stock shelves for the new clientele but to create a well-rounded, upscale atmosphere throughout their stores.

With the knowledge of excess cash flow comes the rise of high-end products. In recent years, as THC concentrates have exploded in popularity, vaporizers have become an essential tool.

Tokyo Smoke, located in Toronto, Ontario, is home to one of the most expensive vaporizers on the market. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer has a price tag over $600 and has become somewhat of a status symbol among Canada’s cannabis culture.

Tokyo Smoke doesn’t stop their high-end integration there; guests are served meals on Hermès dishes, while they sit on sophisticated Tolix stools, under a perfectly illuminated atmosphere created by high-end Fugitive Glue lighting.

Blowing away stereotypes

The Rise Of Haute Couture 2 A Touch Of Glass #25: Ladys Choice
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Describing themselves as an “artisanal” cannabis company, Hydropothercary is located in Gatineau, Quebec, and is responsible for delivering easy-to-use strains and products to a growing cannabis community. In an effort to create something completely unique and chic, the company created and cultivated four easy-to-understand strains: Good Morning, Midday, After Diner and Bedtime.

As to be expected, each strain name coincides with the time of day when its’ effects would be most useful: beginning with a creativity-inducing sativa to get the day going, and ending with a strong, intense indica to help users unwind. The companies COO and co-founder, Adam Miron, knew he had to set his business apart from existing cannabis companies, and he believes his artisanal strains have done just that.

What we set out to do two years ago was to create a medical cannabis company that didn’t sell to the existing medical cannabis base. We don’t want to compete in a stereotypical industry, where you often see this Cheech-and-Chong mentality, and holograms and things like that. We want to approach an entirely new market. – Miron

As medical cannabis continues to gain popularity and acceptance throughout the world, high-end dispensaries are more likely to become the norm, than the dimly-lit headshops of the past. The upscale provisions attract respectable clientele, and portray their products and customers as such, helping to end the stereotypical view of cannabis users.

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Jun 8, 2016