Three Kings

Three Kings: A Powerful Hybrid With Royal Genetics

Tangy and a little sour, Three Kings is a cross between three rockstar cannabis strains. The result? A powerful herb with slightly sativa-dominant effects.

Jan 13, 2017 - Anna Wilcox

A cross between three of the most famous cannabis strains in the world seems almost too good to be true. However, a delightful hybrid known as Three Kings has made such a dream possible. Three Kings is a potent strain that is a popular start for Pacific Northwest concentrates and other extractions. Pungent, tangy, and a little sweet, Three Kings captivates consumers with an energizing,  clear-headed high and a soothing sense of calmness and ease.

Strain details

Three Kings A 1 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Three Kings is a unique mix of three world-renowned cannabis strains: Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. Headband itself is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. So, in a way, Three Kings is a bit like Headband amplified.

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativas available, known for its distinct fuel-like aroma. OG Kush is a balanced, perhaps slightly sleepy hybrid that makes up the backbone of many modern hybrids.

The regal heritage of Three Kings makes for a strong and deeply relaxing flower. Featuring up to 19% THC, Three Kings can be quite potent. Experience with cannabis is recommended with this strain, as the novice consumers might find Three Kings to be anxiety provoking.

Some paranoia is also a common side effect of this strain, especially when used in a concentrated form or in high doses.

Three Kings is a pungent strain, with ample sweet and sour aromas. Hints of earth and freshly turned soil make up the underbelly of this flower, yet it is also dusted with a sugary quality similar to other Kush-derived strains. Some sharp Diesel aromas are also often present, but a fuel fragrance is far stronger in Sour Diesel proper.

The Three Kings experience

Three Kings A 2 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Three Kings is a solid daytime strain. Friendly and relaxed, this strain promotes a thoughtful and creative vibe perfect for times when you want to settle into a project without rushing.

Slightly energizing, Three Kings is considered a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid. That means that this strain is clear-headed enough to go about your business and get a few things done.

However, many consumers notice a very gentle body buzz or a pressured feeling right behind the eyelids shortly after consuming. These slight sedative effects promote relaxation without causing you to slip off into a nap or sink too deeply into the sofa. All in all, this strain is great for those who need some calm and collected focus.

Though Three Kings may help you get through some chores, this flower is far from all business. The winning three-way combination of award-winning parent strains ensures a strong and impactful experience.

Three Kings is known to cause feelings of euphoria, happiness, and inspire an all-around pleasant mood.

Why do people use Three Kings?

Three Kings A 3 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Three Kings is a popular concentrates strain in the Pacific Northwest. This strain is tasty and it can produce fairly high levels of THC, making it a good candidate for various types of extraction and hash.

The upbeat, sativa buzz makes for an energetic hash experience, sort of like a shot of espresso. However, this strain is more tiring that a pure sativa, like Thai.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this strain for relief from mental health conditions such as minor stress, depression, and chronic stress. Those with gastrointestinal disorders also tend to enjoy this strain, especially for relief from nausea, vomiting, and pain.

Those seeking relief from inflammatory conditions like tension headaches, migraine, and arthritis may also find this strain helpful for daytime relief.

This strain isn’t recommended for right before bed, as it can have a stimulating effect in some that may make it difficult to sleep.

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