A Touch Of Glass #35: Creepy Clowns

Because there haven’t been enough creepy clown sightings happening around the country already…

Sep 23, 2016

By now, we’ve all heard the terrifying stories of the clowns being spotted all over the country. They’ve been seen standing beneath underpasses, in tree lines, even attempting to lure children away from play areas with money and candy. While this sounds like something straight out of most of our nightmares, I’m choosing to believe it’s a PR stunt for the upcoming release of the remake of the classic film IT. Whether or not this true, who knows, but these creepy sightings have inspired this week’s Touch of Glass. If you like these scary creatures, you’ll love these fearsome pieces.

Starting off light

Touch Of Glass 35 1 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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Because I am, in fact, terrified of clowns, I thought we’d start off with something a little less sinister.

Krusty the Clown has his scary side, but most of the time we see him chuckling and performing strange feats during various episodes of The Simpsons. This bong features the icon character in his happier state of mind and will surely leave smokers happier, too.

Well, you can flip right off

Touch Of Glass 35 2 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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Working our way into the creepy side of things, this dab rig features beautifully formed details, albeit of a rather disheartening character. The details and coloring are exquisite, right down to the indents in his bow tie.

Notice the tiny, white rabbit the clown is clutching in his hand, like he’s just stolen it from a child. This addition just adds to the weirdness surrounding this freaky figurine. The light purple pants and stem add contrast to the harsh green of his shirt and the stark white of his face.

With his middle finger raised to the sky, it’s clear you’ll need to keep a close eye on this guy.

Nope, nope, nope

Touch Of Glass 35 3 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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We’ve crossed from cute to terrifying. Undead Ed looks like he’d be waiting in the woods to lure a kid or two away. Not only is his face scary, the price for this piece is listed at $75.00.

While that might not be too expensive for a quality glass piece, I don’t think the nightmares you’ll have from seeing this thing every day are worth the price.

The chiseled hair looks more like horns, if you ask me, and the sinister smile has to be red from blood, not paint. I’m fairly certain this creepy thing can stay in whatever shop it was born in.

Pure Evol

Touch Of Glass 35 4 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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Glassmakers from Evol Empire constructed this frosted-glass rig, featuring the face of a killer clown. This piece is made even creepier by the fact that it doesn’t incorporate an entire clown. Instead, it shows the face emerging from the side, making it possible to believe clowns could just pop out anywhere.

The droopy eyes make me think this clown might be a little too high to cause any real damage, though. Maybe he’s just coming for your snacks, which could be just as terrifying when the munchies set in.

Classically creepy

Touch Of Glass 35 5 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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While this guy might not look as terrifying as the others, looks can be deceiving. No clown can be trusted. He clearly wants a big hug, so he can squeeze you to death.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but the back of his head is hollow, suspicious, making room for the bowl piece. This pipe is available on GorillaGlass.com, for those of you who think inviting a clown into your home is a good idea.

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Sep 23, 2016