10 (Bogus) Reasons Why Smoking Weed Makes You An Unfit Parent

Parents face a lot of flack when they come out as cannabis consumers. Here are the top 10 canna-parenting myths debunked.

Sep 7, 2016

We all know that parents who use cannabis are awful. The herb may help you relax, ease complicated medical symptoms, promote brain health as you age, and give you a much-needed opportunity to let loose. How could you even do that to a child? Here are the top 10 reasons why smoking weed makes you an unfit parent (and the reasons why they’re totally bogus).


1. Weed makes you lazy

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We all know that after a few puffs of cannabis, you’ll stop making dinner, cleaning the house, going to work, and basically become too lazy to engage with life at all.

Uh… No. Sure, some cannabis makes you a bit sleepy and can make you feel like you’re stuck to the couch. Yet, that’s not all that the herb has to offer. Cannabis doesn’t prevent you from doing anything. In fact, most mundane, tedious household activities are more pleasurable after a little herb.

Certain strains may help you get more accomplished. Pick up a nice sativa like Jack Herer the next time you need to scrub the floors.

2. Pfft… you can’t be a responsible adult and use cannabis

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We all know that cannabis is for college students and lazy young adults. Right? Wrong. Apparently, as of 2013, 49% of adults between 30 and 49 have tried cannabis. That’s almost half of the age-group.

The same age group now filled with hard-working parents, entrepreneurs, and engaged community members. Clearly, the herb has stunted their success.

3. You’ll become addicted

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You know the drill. You think you’re just going to smoke one joint, and then you’re smoking one every hour of every day. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that either. While cannabis can be habit-forming in some people, that’s far from everyone’s experience.

You can have a glass of wine every once in a while and not become an alcoholic. Cannabis is the same. In fact, the herb is less risky than alcohol. The majority of cannabis consumers do not become dependent on the herb.


4. You’ll start doing other drugs

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Cannabis is a gateway drug, right? You start out with a little herb, and pretty soon you’re tripping on shrooms in front of your toddler. Yeah… this one is wrong, too. In fact, the majority of cannabis users stop at just that.

Several studies have looked into the gateway myth, and the science just isn’t there. In fact, one report even showed that there was a weakened gateway phenomenon in the Netherlands, where cannabis can be purchased and consumed.

5. It will make you dumb

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It’s so obvious that smoking cannabis damages your brain and lowers your IQ. Except… it doesn’t. While there is some debate over whether or not cannabis causes brain changes, recent research has found otherwise.

In fact, cannabis may even be helpful to our brains as we age. Though, evidence suggests that it may be better to wait until you’re an adult to consume the herb.

6. It’s a gateway to crime

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Sure, cannabis is a gateway to crime in the sense that it is federally illegal. But, it’s unlikely that you’ll be inspired to rob a bank or harass an old lady. Thus far, there is no correlation between cannabis encourages crime or delinquency.  If you’re feeling in a criminal mood, perhaps the herb might even calm you down. That’s subjective, though, so who knows.

7. You’ll transform into a weird hippie

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After a little bit of cannabis, you’ll find yourself lying naked with a banjo at the Oregon Country Fair. Well, maybe that seems nice to some. But, there’s more to cannabis than tie-dye, peace signs, bare feet, and skipping in the sunshine. I mean, even Obama inhaled, right? He’s a pretty accomplished and sharp-looking guy.


8. You won’t be able to have more children

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Cannabis does not lead to permanent infertility. While there is some evidence that it may impact sperm and alter ovulation, none of these things cause permanent, lasting damage.

In fact, some monkey studies have shown that while occasional cannabis use disrupted the menstrual cycle in females, everything returned to normal with continuous dosage. Monkeys given cannabis had no trouble conceiving while under the influence of THC.

If you’re concerned about it, laying off the herb removes any potential complication. But, irreparable damage? Naw.

9. You’ll neglect your children

Being a parent can be tough. Sometimes, you need to de-stress. Some parents do this with the occasional glass of wine, some with an evening out with friends, and some with a little cannabis. Many parents, especially those with medical conditions, feel that cannabis makes them a better parent. Check out the video above for a testimony.

10. Your children will start smoking your weed

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For generations, teenagers have been stealing booze out of their parents’ liquor cabinets. Who’s to say they won’t do the same thing with cannabis? Well, there are no guarantees for this one. However, properly educating your child about the herb is vital.

Fortunately, other cannabis-loving parents have attempted to make this conversation a little easier. You can now purchase children’s books that teach your child about cannabis. Always store your cannabis out of reach of children. You may also want to keep it away from snooping teenagers.

Clearly, cannabis using parents are harming their children. They’re lazy, addict criminals. Uh, no. Sorry mainstream stereotypes, you’re just not true. Consuming cannabis is a personal choice and there is no reason why parents should be chastised for their decision. After all, it’s just a plant.

Has cannabis made you a better parent? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Sep 7, 2016