The Green Scene: What $20 Weed Looks Like In Greenland

While it is illegal, as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself, or arouse suspicion, you can generally find the good green.

Greenland: even the name sounds enticing for a cannabis lover. Don’t let it fool you, though. The irony of Greenland being covered in mostly ice, and Iceland being mostly green has been a running joke for a long, long time. That isn’t to say that it isn’t a beautiful country… because it is. Now the only question is can you enjoy that beauty baked? 

Worth the trip

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If you are looking for some epic scenery, then get ready, because Greenland has it in spades. Life in Greenland survives on the thin strip of habitable land along the coast between the ice cap and the sea. The region is cold, really cold, but the people are quite friendly. Consisting of a strong native Inuit culture mixed with a predominantly Norse/Danish-descended population, there are only around 57,000 people on the world’s largest island. Fishing is the bread and butter of the economy, which has flourished since separating from the EU.

What to look forward to

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What is there to do in Greenland? How about watch a movie projected onto an iceberg? Enjoy snow sports, kayaking, cruise ships, ferry trips, and tours from air, land, and sea. Watch the beauty of the Northern Lights, or the majesty of whales, reindeer, polar bears, oxen, and other wildlife. Don’t forget about scaling new heights with mountain climbing or exploring the depths diving for shipwrecks and exotic sea life. Discover the rich cultural traditions of the Inuit, Norse, and Danish. Go dog-sledding. There isn’t enough population to support a huge nightlife scene, but if you keep you ears open, you are sure to find a get-together full of fun to keep those cold nights warm.

How to find bud

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If you want to find the green scene in Greenland, play it low key. While it is illegal there, as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself or arouse suspicion, you can generally do as you please. Because of the climate, and the isolation of the island, it isn’t going to be readily available everywhere, and it is going to be expensive. Look to get a couple joints for your $20 dollars unless you get in tight with a good connection who deals in larger quantities.

Online forums that list user submitted prices for the area put an eighth at anywhere from $50-$90 dollars. Mind you, those are prices from locals, for locals, and there were very few submissions on the site, so it could be much higher, if available at all when you go. In general, you will be lucky to get high quality, but you won’t have to worry about low; they wouldn’t bother with the effort of importing it, and Canada is right next door.

There are plenty of rural spaces to blaze without fretting over law enforcement, just don’t venture too far onto the ice cap without friends who know the area. Deep crevasses, shifting ice, and getting lost in the cold are all possibilities if you are foolish enough to get stoned in the middle of nowhere alone. Your best time will be found at a private party.

Would you head to the far north to watch the beauty of the Northern Lights? Are you a bright lights, big city smoker or a wide open country smoker? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.