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Behind The Brand: Edition, High Design High Quality

Delivering high-quality cannabis for life's high-quality experiences.

When we say California cannabis brands, what do you think of?

Maybe a luxurious, high-end dispensary with pretentious designs and a modern, trendy look.

But let’s face it, not all Californian consumers can relate to that luxurious and materialistic theme.

Consumers are often looking for a brand they can relate with, one that’s down-to-earth, humble, and puts their needs first.

That’s where Edition comes in; the latest and most unpretentious Californian cannabis brand on the legal market.

Behind The Brand

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Edition comprises four individuals from different walks of life who agreed on feeling underrepresented in the cannabis space.

While there are hundreds of legal brands, the founders of Edition noticed these brands lacked a premium experience to go with their premium bud.

For that reason, Edition curates all of its products with seasoned cannabis users in mind, striving to satisfy even the toughest critics.

Whether consumers are deeply rooted in art, cannabis culture, music, or fashion, Edition’s products were designed to give any lifestyle a premium experience.

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The Edition Experience

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Edition centers operations around its premium flower and high design.

Its products were created for the elevated smoker who appreciates craft methods and cares about what they’re using. If you see weed as a part of your lifestyle, Edition is here to help make that incorporation seamless.

It promises to deliver only the highest-quality, small-batch craft cannabis for memorable life experiences like watching the oceanside sunset, cruising the city’s neon lights, and taking time to smell the roses.

Edition’s unique packaging is a familiar, soft, and reusable cotton bag. The bag reads an inspiring paragraph that nods to the era of high quality and high design.

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About Edition's Products

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Edition has just launched in California across some of the best stores in the state. Be sure to sign up and subscribe to Editon’s newsletter on its website for the latest information about new drops and promotions.

They’re set to launch a direct-to-consumer platform that includes online shopping and pop-up dispensaries around California. The small-batch craft growers at Edition proudly cultivate some of the highest quality flower grown indoors in the Bay Area. 

The company is incredibly excited to drop some potent whole flower pre-rolls and other products in the near future. Edition is also looking forward to dropping PCH Waves and PCH Bluffs very soon. 

Until then, don’t forget to subscribe to Edition’s newsletter for information about California’s high-quality and premium cannabis brand.

An Exclusive Interview With Edition

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When did your company officially launch? What inspired the name, Edition X, and the company itself?

Edition X was founded in 2020 and started with 2 dispensaries that focus on high-design and high-quality products. Called the ‘world’s chicest cannabis shop’ by Elle Décor and featured in the likes of Dezeen and Wallpaper; design is a huge inspiration for us. Something that has carried through to our launch in California with our cotton pouch packaging. As much as we appreciate design we also appreciate high-quality flower, so as we began our journey with creating our own products, primarily flower, we reached out to our native Californians to create the perfect partnership and have Edition be a part of the next wave of cannabis. Converging lifestyle and weed. Edition stands for the ever-changing, the new, the to come. The ‘X’ is used as a sign of collaboration to really show the connectivity between weed and lifestyle. Whether we’re working in music, art, culture, or fashion – weed has always been a part of our every day. We’re not “stoners,” but we sure do smoke. No loud packaging or super heady imagery, just simple, minimal but premium in quality and design and dark sticky weed! 

What is Edition’s mission? What do you want consumers to associate your brand with?

Our mission is to bring weed to the forefront, out of the shoebox from under your bed, and integrate it into your everyday. We want to tell stories about different people and their lifestyles as opposed to selling customers the product. You can see this in our launch campaign video just as an example. Not necessarily seeing ourselves represented in the current space, we’re constantly thinking of different ways we can showcase how weed is a part of our community’s everyday life. 

Why did you choose to go for sustainable packaging with your cotton bags? How does this unique packaging reflect Edition’s values?

Sustainability is important to us, there’s a lot of waste in the industry, so anything we could do on our end to achieve a more sustainable product was the direction we wanted to take. Also, for us, sustainability represents quality; we took some time trying to figure out how to present our weed in a sustainable and unique way. For those new to us, our flower is packaged in recyclable glass jars with 100% ocean recycled lids and then placed in 100% cotton bags that tell our story. The pouches are perfect for your stash on the go, to reuse for papers, lighters, grinders, etc., which is just an extension of our mission – merging weed and the everyday.

How does Edition manage to attract all consumers, not just certain genders, age ranges, etc.? Would you say your products were designed for every cannabis user?

We focus on high-quality flower, grown in a craft environment. Yes, the flower is for the consumer, but it’s also for us. If we wouldn’t smoke it, it wouldn’t touch our jars (trust us we have high standards). Our design and packaging are clean and minimal, easy for anyone to have laying around their house or displayed on their coffee table. We designed our products for the everyday cannabis user, the college student on the go, the soccer mom, the creative, etc.

Could you tell us more about your upcoming PCH Waves and PCH Bluffs launch? What products should we expect from this launch?

Just to take it a step back and give a bit more context on our name, PCH. Premium Cannabis Harvest is an ode to California, where half of our founding team is from. All R+D and strain selection is done by G Putt, an original co-founder of Sherbinski’s and one of our Edition founders. Our weed is a craft, and our genetics are exclusively bread for us by the best breeders in the Bay & The Triangle. If you got your hands on our first drop of PCH Sunrise and PCH Sunset, expect more of the same if not better, for PCH Waves + PCH Bluffs. Keep an eye out at your latest dispensary for the next drop.

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