Behind The Brand: Lighthouse Dispensary Helps Consumers Become Educated Cannabis Users

Education meets relaxation at Coachella's Lighthouse Dispensary.

Visiting a beautiful dispensary is top-tier. From the moment you step through the door, the energy shifts, and chatting with budtenders or browsing the shelves seems a lot more enjoyable and, albeit, less stressful.

Since cannabis is praised for its relaxing properties, it’s only fitting for dispensaries to reflect that within their retail experiences. There’s one particular shop that has mastered visual aesthetics, not to mention their commitment to helping consumers become more informed and knowledgeable cannabis users.

If you’re in Coachella, you’re in luck. The Lighthouse is a state-of-the-art cannabis boutique that prioritizes education, exploration, and enjoyment. For all of your cannabis needs, The Lighthouse has you covered.

Read on to learn more about Lighthouse Dispensary and what makes their shop stand out in the crowded Californian cannabis space.

Behind The Brand


Educate. Explore. Enjoy. These are the three pillars Lighthouse Dispensary stands by. The team behind the brand is deeply rooted in the Californian culture and believes that everyone should not only have access to quality cannabis but education about their chosen products.

Shopping at The Lighthouse makes you a more informed consumer. Their budtenders are eager to help you learn everything about a particular product, what it contains, and how it can benefit your specific situation.

The shop itself has a bright and welcoming atmosphere that’s not only pleasing to the eye but relaxing. Simply put, shopping at The Lighthouse in Coachella is a breeze.

What's In Store For You?

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The Lighthouse has an incredibly diverse product selection. From infused joints to disposable pens and much more, this shop is a hub for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

One particular hot commodity is Connected’s Biscotti Infused Pre-Rolls, aka Frenchies. These potent rolls use whole indoor-grown nugs infused with THCA, then brushed with live resin and dusted with kief.

Not only does The Lighthouse offer a broad assortment of products but also popular and new brands, including Papa & Barkley, Yada Yada, Buddies, and tons more. They seek the best so you can reap the rewards.

Lighthouse Dispensary offers in-store shopping and in-store pick-up through online orders and delivery. Consider becoming a member for access to generous discounts and unique deals.

Interested in stopping by? Check out the shop’s details below.

  • Location:  84160 Ave 48, Coachella, CA 92236
  • Hours: Weekdays 7:00am – 9:50pm, Weekends 8:00am – 9:50pm
  • Phone: (442) 256-3627

For more information about Lighthouse Dispensary, visit their website at

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