Behind The Brand: Native Roots Wants To Help You Escape The Daily Grind

This Colorado heritage brand strives to liberate happiness and help you reach your maximum potential.

We’re all familiar with the toll stress can have on us. Whether it’s work, family issues, or relationship struggles, there are endless reasons why we can feel stress. 

Medical marijuana patients may often feel stressed about their condition, especially if it’s getting in the way of living a quality life or getting a good night’s sleep. Colorado cannabis brand and cultivation company Native Roots deeply understands our need for happiness. 

Living in the modern day is busy, chaotic, and downright stressful. We all deserve a recreational pick-me-up or a medicinal product to ease symptoms from backaches to inflammation. 

Native Roots proudly exists to liberate happiness, helping us get out there and live our lives with ease. Finally, a brand that truly provides cannabis for all. 

Behind The Brand

Native Roots has been in operation for over a decade. Since 2010, the brand has happily taken the lead as Colorado’s premier medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. 

Besides their 20 successful shops around Colorado, Native Roots has proudly grown over:

  • 90,000 pounds of flower
  • 8 million grams of concentrates
  • 3 million pre-roll joints

As impressive as this is, Native Roots takes even more pride in their relationships with consumers and those who find relief, satisfaction, and happiness through their products. 

Simply put, Native Roots exists to liberate happiness. They stop at nothing until you leave their shop with the perfect product for your specific situation and desired effects. Perhaps one of those products was grown, produced, and manufactured by the brand itself, like their Collection Line of flower:

  • Gold Label
  • Green Label
  • Onyx Label

Whatever product you choose at Native Roots, trust that the leading dispensary in Colorado will liberate you from whatever’s holding you back from living your best life. 

Past To Present

Let’s dive even further into why Native Roots exists. As mentioned, the brand launched in 2010 in a small 17,000 SQFT cultivation and extraction facility. Just over two years later, Native Roots joined forces with The Dandelion to bring their mission into action. 

From there, they moved into a state-of-the-art 173,000 SQFT cultivation and extraction facility to:

  • Expand their cultivation techniques
  • Produce concentrated products through CO2 and BHO extraction
  • Manufacture the products consumers have grown to love

Speaking of their facility, Native Roots attributes their success to their hard-working, dedicated, and passionate team. Now holding over 600 employees, Native Roots says it wouldn’t be the thriving company it is today without their best-in-industry hiring and onboarding program. 

Here, everyone shares the same values, beliefs, and goals of providing cannabis for all. At Native Roots, your happiness is guaranteed. 

For more information about Native Roots, visit their website at


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