Behind The Brand: Next Friday Has Been In The Game Long Before Legalization

Here's a brand that only offers fire.

Canada legalized recreational cannabis in 2018. Since then, the number of cannabis brands in the country has skyrocketed.

While most brands only started cultivating and selling in the legal market, we applaud the growers, movers, and shakers that took care of the cannabis community long before legalization.

We’re talking about brands like Next Friday by Noble Growth, a group of growers with immense expertise in cultivation, growing the highest quality strains since before Canada legalized the plant.

Today, Next Friday‘s strains are flying off the shelves, like Blueberry Fuego, which I’ve included a personal review of below. Read on to learn more about Next Friday, the team behind the brand, and an excellent option from their stellar list of strains.

Behind The Brand

Before we dive into who Next Friday is, let’s get to know their name. Although Friday energy is top-tier, reminiscent of relaxation, good times, and memories, that’s not why the brand calls itself Next Friday.

While building their facility, the team was swarmed with one particular question: “When are you gonna get licensed?”

Funny enough, they had no idea. Well, they had somewhat of an idea. All they knew was that Health Canada distributed licenses on Fridays. “So if we didn’t hear anything by Thursday, then it was most likely next Friday,” reads their site.

The answer, “next Friday,” became a running joke that turned into the brand’s tongue-in-cheek name. Today, Next Friday, is a team of growers established in the streets long before legalization. They take immense pride in hailing from the original cannabis industry, one with endless possibilities.

The Next Friday team continues to impress consumers from coast to coast with a wicked lineup of dank genetics that will bring any connoisseur to their knees.

Speaking of dank genetics, check out my review of Next Friday‘s Blueberry Fuego strain below.

A Brief Review: Blueberry Fuego By Next Friday

I recently had the pleasure of stumbling on a cherished Next Friday strain at my local dispensary. Surprised since it’s usually sold out, I was quick to add it to my cart.

Having tried almost every flower brand on the Canadian market, I can safely say that Next Friday‘s flower is the most reliable in terms of the following:

  • Consistent Effects
  • Quality
  • Presentation
  • Flavor / Aroma

Blueberry Fuego from Next Friday is utterly delicious. Upon opening the packaging, a powerful scent of blueberries, muffins, and cream smacks the nose.

The buds are tight, dense, and compact, producing a plethora of ground herb in your grinder, unlike drier strains. Plus, their aromas are enhanced tenfold when ground. This fluffy herb has a wicked THC content ranging from 23-30% alongside the following terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene

Bred by Seed Junky Genetics and pheno hunted by Astral Gardens, Blueberry Fuego is a powerful cross between classic strains Wedding Crasher and Slurricane. This relaxing Indica didn’t leave me couch-locked. Instead, there was slight cerebral stimulation, prompting me to focus deeper on Hogwarts Legacy (team Slytherin FTW).

It’s a deeply blissful strain that wards off anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts while forcing the user to see the world through a whole new, clearer lens. If you have the chance to try a strain from Next Friday, don’t put it off ’til next Friday. Get yours today and experience what the team of growers has put their hearts and souls into.

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