Maine’s SeaWeed Co. Dispensaries Combine Community, Education, & Quality

Stop by these stunning dispensaries in Maine for a highly personalized cannabis experience.

What’s your ideal dispensary experience? Perhaps it’s a contemporary-looking store that reflects the modern nature of our industry.

Maybe you desire knowledgeable budtenders that can share all you need to know about live resin. Whatever you prefer within your dispensary experiences, find it at SeaWeed Co.

These beautiful Maine dispensaries, located in Portland and South Portland, combine community, passion, education, and product quality to ensure your experience with cannabis isn’t just enjoyable but personalized.

Read on to learn more about SeaWeed Co., their mission, and a few budtender-recommended products from their Portland location connoisseurs will rave about.

Behind The Brand

With two locations, one in Portland and the other in South Portland, SeaWeed Co. is quickly becoming Maine’s go-to shop for personalized cannabis experiences.

Not only are these locations helpful in connecting consumers with the knowledge they need about their chosen products, but they’re inviting and beautifully designed with aesthetically pleasing interiors. That’s a recipe for the ultimate dispensary experience.

This recreational/adult-use retail store takes pride in being one of the first recreational dispensaries to open in Maine in 2020. SeaWeed Co. was also the first recreational dispensary in Portland in 2021. The leadership team behind the brand believes that cannabis can enhance well-being when used at the right dose.

That’s why their staff and budtenders, also known as Mermaids, are highly trained to offer a people-oriented, community-driven, and education-based experience to all. That mission is a result of the brand’s love and admiration for the Maine community and culture. Stop by their locations in Portland and South Portland for a dispensary experience you won’t forget.

Mermaid Recommendations

Below, we’ve included a few hot products offered at SeaWeed Co.’s Portland location, recommended by the Mermaids themselves.

SWC X Grass Roots – Apple Mac – Infused Pre Roll: We know recreational users love dabbling in the potent powers of infused pre-rolls. Be sure to check out this bad boy at SeaWeed’s Portland location, featuring 1g of high-quality Grass Roots flower and SeaWeed Co. THCA diamonds. It’s an Indica smoke with a whopping THC content of 47.8%.

Grass Roots – TTRS – Live Resin Cart: Live resin carts are all the rage right now. For a true-to-plant experience without the spark, check out this live resin cartridge from Grass Roots. It’s an Indica-Hybrid cart crossing Sundae Driver and Grape Cream Cake, made from freshly frozen flower to preserve terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. The result is an epic full-spectrum vaping experience with a sweet, creamy, and citrusy exhale alongside 70.9% THC.

Gele – LitreACola – Dark Chocolate Bar – 100mg: Prefer your THC in edibles? Check out SeaWeed’s collaboration with Garden of Gele. It’s an organic dark chocolate bar infused with Litre-A-Cola full-spectrum oil, making for a package total of 100mg THC. Each square contains 10mg THC, complimented by the delicious and rich dark chocolate flavor for a flavorful psychoactive experience.

For more products and information about SeaWeed Co., visit their website at

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