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Ongrok’s Innovation: Infusers & Accessories For The Modern Connoisseur

Learn more about ONGROK and some of the industry's finest creations.

It’s not easy being a discerning cannabis user. With all the duds and lackluster products on the market, it’s your job to scope out the cream of the crop—devices and accessories that are actually worth it.

At ONGROK, you’re invited to sit back, relax, and embrace your cannabis rituals with innovative accessories that make all the difference. Looking to make edibles at home with an easy, mess-free botanical infuser? What about a grinder that evenly mills your herb and features ample storage?

Find both (and more) and ONGROK, and experience ease with every session. Below, we’ve included a rundown of the brand and two stand-out products that’ll change how you consume cannabis. Read on to learn more.

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of ONGROK

ONGROK feels like home. The brand has spent years creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, helping you feel at ease with thoughtfully designed accessories that blend seamlessly with space.

Whether you’re looking for the brand’s iconic Botanical Infusers or their praised 5-Piece Toothless Grinder, ONGROK has everything you need for a truly enjoyable cannabis experience. The brand was born out of frustration with the lack of products that meet every individual’s specific wants and needs.

So, ONGROK’s impressive lineup of accessories followed, and the team is proud to provide innovative solutions for the modern user’s unique needs. See below for two of our favorite products from the brand that’s changing how we consume cannabis…for the better.

Small Botanical Infuser Machine And Kit

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Make edibles the easy way without the mess. ONGROK’s Small Botanical Infuser Machine And Kit fits perfectly in your kitchen and offers a clean, mess-free way to make homemade edibles, topicals, and tinctures.

This machine lets you turn your favorite strains into a potent oil in as little as 1 hour. It features five pre-set temperature settings and DIY customizations, not to mention its self-cleaning ability and dishwasher-safe materials. This ETL-approved infuser kit includes:

  • 2 silicone gummy gloves

  • 1 nylon filter bag

  • A recipe book

All it takes is a few button pushes and voila, a potent extract made entirely in your kitchen with the least mess and hassle possible. Get yours today, and never buy edibles again.

5 Piece Flower Petal Toothless Grinder With Storage

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Looking for the last grinder you’ll ever need? Check out the 5 Piece Flower Petal Toothless Grinder With Storage. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this premium metal herb crusher features a flower-shaped tooth pattern to even mill your herbs and retain their potency and quality throughout.

It also features a deep storage chamber with an airtight lid and o-ring seal for maximum freshness. With a removable screen for easy cleaning, a quarter-turn locking function, and ONGROK’s risk-free guarantee, this might just be the most reliable grinder on the market. Order now and give your herb the respect it deserves.

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