VerdeVie Is Redefining Modern Cannabis Consumption

In need of some modern accessories? See what's in store at VerdeVie.

Cannabis is changing. Gone are the days when we hid our stash in secrecy, fearing it would dank in the wrong places at the wrong times. Today, stoners can celebrate new accessories that reflect the modern, innovative, and design-forward nature of where our industry is headed.

If you’re in search of contemporary accessories that’ll make your routines complete, look to VerdeVie. This brand takes pride in redefining modern cannabis consumption through aesthetically pleasing and high-design accessories for connoisseurs far and wide.

Interested in revamping your stash? Learn more about VerdeVie below and check out their Pick A Bag Fill A Bag experience.

About VerdeVie

VerdeVie is proud to bring the future of cannabis consumption to the present day. Their refreshing designs across a long list of cannabis accessories aren’t only pleasing to the eye but incredibly functional. The brand’s mission is clear: to give you a new taste of the green life.

That’s why they created the Pick A Bag Fill A Bag experience. VerdeVie’s Cannabags are multi-purpose, reusable, and re-sealable bags you can fill up with the goodies of your choice. The bag is free with your order, and you can fill it with as many accessories as you like.

Options For Your Stash

Below, we’ve included three options from VerdeVie’s catalog we’re sure you’ll enjoy. From portable grinders to adorable stash jars, here’s what’s in store for you.

Verde Grinder Card

Looking for a portable grinder? Check out the brand’s popular Verde Grinder Card, a perfect companion for stoners on the go. It’s a shiny, beautiful, and ultra-functional pocket-sized grinder with a muted rose-gold color that’s a treat for the eyes. Its angled shape makes this grinder card exceptionally functional while sitting pretty in your pocket.

Iconic Stash Case

Stop crushing your joints. It’s time for them to have a safe and secure home when you’re on the go. Meet VerdeVie’s Iconic Stash Case. It’s covered in a green crocodile skin design and crafted in Japan, made with the highest quality materials to ensure it lasts a lifetime. This stash case was made in collaboration with Tsubota Pearl, and it sits securely in your pocket, protecting your precious rolls during any adventure.

Mini Stash Set

Need a place to keep your stash? Organize it with VerdeVie’s Mini Stash Set, two distinct smell-proof jars that keep your herb fresh. On both jars is a unique gold-stamped mood signifying daytime cannabis and nighttime weed, labeled “Happy” and “Sleep.” These jars were made with the highest-grade light-proof Myron and can each hold 60ml of herb. Get yours now and give your stash the home it deserves.

For more products and information about VerdeVie, visit their website at

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