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News | 09.22.2021

BYOP? Pre-Rolls Are The New Pandemic Trend

Cannabis consumers are less willing to share joints due to the pandemic.

Witnessing the Covid-19 pandemic struck fear in almost anyone, especially stoners who could no longer share joints, leading to the end of the “puff puff pass” era. Capitalizing on this result was Canada’s Ontario-based Canopy Growth with new ready-to-enjoy products.

Photo by Pexels / Dad Grass

A study done by Dig Insights found that cannabis consumers are less willing to share joints due to the pandemic, meaning that the usual 0.5g – 1g pre-rolls are too much for one person during one sitting. Canopy Growth’s CP of global flower, Kelly Olson, mentioned that regular jam-packed pre-rolls are “leading to a suboptimal experience,” resulting in Canopy Growth’s latest products.

Photo by Pexels / Dad Grass

“Those insights drove us to evolve our offering to smaller joint weights that are more ideal for individual consumption and larger pack sizes that are more conducive to sharing in social settings,” Olsen explains.

Under Ace Valley, Canopy growth released small pinners, coming with a pack of eight 0.3g pre-rolled joints. At the same time, under Tweed, Canopy is releasing Quickies in packs of ten 0.35g pre-rolls.

Photo by Pexels / Dad Grass

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