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News | 01.13.2022

Chelsea Handler On Touring, Her Love For Cannabis, & The Plants Future

Chelsea Handler announced her forthcoming tour with a "chilled" Instagram post.

Chelsea Handler is skiing half-naked again, and it’s something we’ve gotten used to seeing. The comedian, actor, and author recently took to Instagram to announce the forthcoming dates for her “Vaccinated & Horny” tour. 

In the picture posted on IG, Handler poses in a marijuana leaf bikini in piles of snow, a big smile, a bottle of vodka, and a mason jar of cannabis. Her caption wrote, “To celebrate, I thought why not ski through the woods, and then found a mason jar of weed and my favorite vodka!”

In 2020, Handler celebrated her 45th birthday on a trip to British Columbia and documented her day at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort on her social media accounts. That caption read, “Skiing into 45 with my margarita, my marijuana, and my mountain!” alongside the hashtags #whoneedspants and #birthdaysuit.

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Handler has turned into a vocal cannabis enthusiast over the past few years, and she allegedly rekindled her love for weed once Donald Trump was elected for President. Before her 45th birthday in 2020, Handler partnered with California cannabis retailer Sweet Flower to deliver a unique selection of cannabis products to the evolving market.

Not only is the industry evolving, but so is Handler’s connection with the plant. She told Forbes in 2020 that now, with her new cannabis products, she can “set the tone for what [her] high is going to be,” adding that she has enough “experience with cannabis” that she doesn’t allow it to control her mood.

Cannabis was also a huge help for the comedian when she resumed touring. The plant “relaxed” her and allowed her to “start getting creative again and walk back to stand-up,” she told Forbes. Getting back into stand-up was intimidating since she had been gone for so long.

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These kinds of beneficial and positive experiences with cannabis led her to spread the word about the plant’s mental and physical benefits. During the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast in 2020, Handler said she had introduced cannabis to “so many people in [her] life…I just think it is the way forward.”

Handler explained that cannabis is a much healthier alternative to alcohol, especially for women over 40 who don’t want to deal with the dreaded hangover and want a “clean-living ethos.” Finally, she shared that cannabis has changed her world, and she wants to do everything she can to “get behind the movement.”

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