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10 Ways Cannabis Makes Music Sound Better

Music sounds better with weed; prove us wrong.

Legendary musicians and recording artists use weed for a reason.

Our favorite plant has incredible mind-expanding abilities that go hand-in-hand with music.

Even if you’re down in the dumps and need some sonic comfort, cannabis can help you feel connected to a song like never before.

There are tons of benefits to playing your favorite song or album while high. Here are just a few ways weed makes listening to music a surreal experience.

Stimulates The Brain & Body

We’re all aware that music stimulates the brain, even the central nervous system.

Cannabis has a similar cerebral effect on the brain.

Both help produce dopamine, and when paired together, they offer reward-like feelings similar to sexual pleasure throughout the body.

Increases Awareness

Photo by Cottonbro

Many cannabis strains are great for increasing focus and awareness.

Using these strains when listening to music lets the user be more aware of what the song means, the artist’s message, and why they chose that particular song for a session soundtrack.

Sparks Your Creative Senses

Most cannabis strains enhance the user’s creativity.

Weed may help beat the dreaded writer’s block for artists and producers.

Listening to an amazing song while high lets your creative sense pick up what you admire most, which can be the inspiration for your next project.

Soothes The Mind, Body, & Soul

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We often look to weed for some mental and physical relaxation.

Similarly, music can do the same.

Pairing your favorite strain with your favorite songs offers a blanket of comfort that feels like a warm sonic embrace.

Produces A Musical Entourage Effect

The original entourage effect is when different cannabinoids work off each other to produce the desired effect.

Cannabis and music almost have their own entourage effect.

This means that cannabis can enhance your listening experience, or music can enhance your sesh. It works both ways.

Increases Imagination

Photo by Cottonbro

Cannabis is a great tool for creativity.

When listening to music while high, your brain creates all the images and pictures you feel best reflect a particular song.

It’s sort of like a personal in-head music video that lets your brain paint the scenes with help from weed’s mind-expanding effects.

Vividly Revives Your Memories

Similar to the point above, cannabis can create vivid imaginary scenes. But what happens when you’re listening to a song that reminds you of someone or something?

Expect to vividly relive those memories at your own relaxed pace.

Changes Your Perception Of Time

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Weed makes it seem like time moves slower. Because of this, it sounds like music slows down too.

Theoretically, this gives you more time to think about and dissect what you hear, the instruments at hand, and what the artist wanted to get across.

Offers Euphoric Experiences

No one can deny that music offers a sense of connectedness and euphoria. But you may not be entirely in tune with those feelings when sober.

Cannabis lets you alleviate your mental stressors and be present with whatever you’re doing.

That feeling of euphoria and being connected to a song is amplified tenfold with a little green.

Promotes Intentional Listening

Photo by Rob Christain Crosby

You’d be amazed at what you’d pick up on when high.

After a quick toke, the music starts to sound different. By that, we mean it’s easier to discern what instruments you’re hearing, effects you never heard before, and underlying messages you didn’t pick up on until now.

Even if you have no musical background, cannabis helps you break down the listening experience and realize what you didn’t hear the first time around.

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