Photo courtesy of 2 Chainz / Iamaries

Culture | 05.27.2022

2 Chainz Takes Full Advantage Of Legal Weed In New York City

The rapper even compared New York's blossoming cannabis scene to California's.

New York City’s cannabis space is finally thriving. 

It was a brisk day in March last year when the state of New York legalized recreational cannabis use

Just over a year later, it’s become common to see New Yorkers hit the busy streets with a joint in hand. Don’t get me wrong, it was still common before cannabis was legal, but the feds were not happy with it. 

Photo courtesy of 2 Chainz / Iamaries

Rapper, entrepreneur, and cannabis enthusiast 2 Chainz knows that situation all too well. 

The “Watch Out” rapper was recently strolling through New York City and was surprised by the city’s openness to cannabis use, especially in front of the cops. 

2 Chainz is no stranger to run-ins with the law when smoking weed in public, especially in New York City.

Funny enough, the rapper was bewildered when puffing on his weed in front of the cops, comparing it to the chilled West Coast cannabis scene. 

New York still has to catch up to the blossomed Californian cannabis space, but we’re sure that won’t take long. 

We know New Yorkers love their green; click here to see where to buy recreational and medical cannabis in New York City. 

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