Heartbreaking: Alex Renton passes away, but Peter Dunne says medical cannabis was worthwhile.

Despite stating that Alex Renton’s case was not representative of New Zealand’s stance on cannabis, we are positive that his fight for life was not in vain.

Jul 8, 2015 - HERB

Our hearts are heavy. This is not something any of us wanted to hear.

Only a couple weeks ago we updated you on Alex Renton’s recovery, sharing statements from his mother about his improved condition. We were hoping for and expecting the best.

But we have been humbled, and reminded of life’s fragility. On the 1st of this month, the young man that ignited a nationwide push for access to medical cannabis in New Zealand passed away.

We can only imagine the shock and heartbreak his family and loved ones feel, given the palpable loss we feel as outside supporters.

We are also emboldened by the tremendous impact one life has had on the entire cannabis industry. New Zealand’s Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne said that prescribing Alex medical cannabis was worthwhile, despite stating earlier that this was an isolated case not representative of a change in the country’s direction on cannabis.

Say what you will, we are positive that Alex Renton’s struggle for survival was not in vain.


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