Elitist dispensary offers a weed discount just for CEOs

Is this dispensary totally out-of-touch with the cannabis community?

Jan 25, 2018 - Zack Kotzer

Photo by Karl Gehring/The Denver Post via Getty Images


Photo by Karl Gehring/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Smoking up with your boss is a nifty idea in the same way that smoking up with your dad and watching Kids in the Hall is a nifty idea, but one San Francisco dispensary used that notion in a promotion that’s rubbed people the wrong way.

The Apothecarium, an upscale luxury dispensary in San Francisco’s historic Castro District, was offering a discount on marijuana under the caveat you’ve already got money to burn. For four days, between January 22nd and January 26th, The Apothecarium offered 20% off cannabis assuming one is the CEO of the other. “The discounts are intended to remind the public that many people who enjoy cannabis are also high achieving professionals,” explained the shop.

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Photo Courtesy of The Apothecarium

Assuming they’re being sincere, there’s a fragrance of a good idea in there, smashing stigmas and stereotypes. While the cartoon caricature of lazy stoners certainly exists for some, it’s mostly become a thing of the past as cannabis consumption spreads throughout all walks of life. I’m a little more surprised that The Apothecarium seemed to believe that wealth and corporate culture was suddenly disassociated from drug use. Or that CEOs needed any additional access to drugs than they already have.

The week-long deal also had flash sale days for other high earning positions, such as lawyers, architects, and designers. To prove your eligibility, all you needed was a business card, so you’re a Kinko’s trip away from transforming into “Davey P. Bushwhacked, Architect, Designer and Attorney at Law.”

Of course in San Francisco, a city whose income inequality has become dystopian, promoting a weed bargain only applicable to the already affluent might not have been the slickest idea. Even for a luxury dispensary. The Apothecarium quickly scrapped the CEO promotion and have instead decided to rebound from white collar to blue, now offering an identical discount to construction workers.

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