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Maher-ijuana: Bill Maher Talks Weed & Trump In New Interview

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher talks about the future of cannabis, and what to expect with Donald Trump as Commander in Chief.

Jan 4, 2017 - Chloe Sommers

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher is candid about cannabis in his latest interview with ATTN. He talks about the future of cannabis, and what to expect with Donald Trump as Commander in Chief.

‘Oh f*ck’

Bill Maher, a longtime supporter of cannabis, and common sense, is weary of what’s to come for the cannabis movement in 2017. He said he believes ‘it’s possible’ we could see a return to the cannabis raid tactics of administrations predating Obama.

Basically, “Don’t piss off your old dealer.”

The host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher said President-elect Trump may not outright rule against states’ rights on the issue of cannabis.

Instead, Trump may get a little too comfortable injecting himself into cannabis affairs.

You know, the guy you used to talk to before you got the weed and kind of deal with his shaggy girlfriend and kind of be interested in his stories. You might have to do that again.

The interviewer brought up Trump’s nominee for the head of the judiciary branch. It’s Senator Jeff Sessions, the one who infamously said “good people don’t smoke marijuana” in a recent committee meeting on the Hill.

Maher let out a laugh while the interviewer finished his question, “In light of more states passing, are you bullish on the state of the future of marijuana?”

Oh f*ck.

He then answered that he wasn’t so confident about the future of cannabis even a year ago.


No, he’s s not dropping his name into the celebrity strain game just yet.

Everyone is trying to get me to invest or put my name on (a product) like Maher-ijuana. They already had the names lined up.

On a serious note, Maher recalled the story of a friend who was prosecuted back in 2000 for his involvement with cannabis, even though it was medically legal in California.

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