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This Chef Is Sacrificing The Easy Life To Help The Cannabis Cause

As it’s still not legalized in New Zealand, one chef is putting his life aside to make sure that hemp thrives, which includes living in the back of his van.

Cameron Sims

Would you be prepared to sacrifice for something you believe in? As hemp is still not legalized in New Zealand, one New Zealander has put his life aside to make sure that the plant thrives Down Under, giving up his home, and cooking out the back of a van. That man is Cameron Sims, who is doing all that he can for hemp.

Cooking for the cause

If you’re on this website, you’ll know that hemp is the non-psychoactive form of cannabis, which is rich in protein (and has many health benefits) but is also illegal in New Zealand.

For some people, their home is their castle, but for this Kiwi entrepreneur, his home is his car, having chosen to live in his van to further the cause. In an interview with One News, Cameron Sims says,

I have a comfortable mattress, and it’s all I need. I’m really focused on my business.

And his business? That’s Plant Culture, which supplies food products made from hemp.

I love hemp. I’m possessed by hemp. I want to share hemp with New Zealand.

As is the case with countries that haven’t legalized hemp, the reporter does bring up the stereotypical stoner cliché, as is often the case. That sees the reporter, Tim Wilson, asking Sims – albeit, in the aim of laughs – if he “smokes pot,” “gets high,” or, yes, even if he “blazes up.”

For all those questions, the answer from Sims is a firm no. It is a means to an end, with the video quickly explaining that the still illegal “clean, green and delicious” hemp can produce a hemp seed oil that is legal, but the byproduct, hemp protein, isn’t. But it looks like the latter will soon be legal in New Zealand.

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August 21, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Todd Farmington

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