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culture | 01.01.2022

Canadian Judge Buries Ban On Homegrown Medical Cannabis

A Canadian federal judge says Canada’s medical cannabis patients have the right to grow their own medicine at home, ending the ridiculous ban the country’s previous Conservative regime had installed in 2013.

A Canadian federal judge says Canada’s medical cannabis patients have the right to grow their own medicine at home, ending the ridiculous ban the country’s previous Conservative regime had installed in 2013. The federal government has 30 days to appeal the decision, though that is not likely; considering the new prime minister’s insistence on positively addressing the issue of cannabis freedom, it’s looking less likely every day.

In what is surely the “dopest” decision of his career, Federal Court Judge Michael Phelan essentially ruled that requiring sick people to buy a weed through the mail instead of just growing it themselves is as ridiculous as it sounds. The old Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, established in 2013, required patients to purchase medical cannabis solely by mail from licensed distributors and banned home cultivation of the herb on the false pretense that growing cannabis at home would essentially end the world.

Got rights left?

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Virtually all other medicines known to man are more risky and dangerous than cannabis. But even setting aside that these are sick people and their legally prescribed medicine we’re talking about, denying someone a right because it might make their life more risky or dangerous is over the line and as a rule would eliminate most, if not all, autonomy from our lives. If you don’t have the right to decide what risks to take, what rights do you have?

According to the old law, growing medical cannabis at home put people at so much risk of everything from home invasion to mold and fire that legislators thought the most reasonable course of action was an outright ban. A garden is less of a fire hazard than a car is a sudden explosion hazard; sure, it could happen. In fact, almost everything about operating a car is more dangerous than having a garden. But that’s no reason to ban cars and stay home.

News flash! Prohibition doesn’t work

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People who want cannabis will get it. If anyone could actually stop people who want hard drugs, alcohol, or cannabis from getting them, then Prohibition and the Drug War would have worked. What’s more, cannabis is a verifiable medicine that can be grown at home. Its normalization is nothing less than a medical revolution that will permanently disrupt industries all over the map. It can help with just about any problem under the sun and can be inhaled, eaten, or applied topically.

Nowadays, folks in Canada and beyond can not only grow medicine at home without prior skills, but also can convert the plants into herbal butter and tincture like a pro with a countertop appliance called a Botanical Extractor from MagicalButter.com. The self-contained MagicalButter machine takes cannabis, butter, and the push of a button to make top-quality concentrates that let you “Eat to Treat”, as they say.

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Compared to how easy the MB machine is to use, having to “send away” for cannabis seems like both a draconian violation of our basic human rights and an insane waste of time. Thankfully, Judge Phelan agrees. Let’s just hope the rest of the Canadian government follows suit.

After that, who knows? Maybe one day soon, all of North America will lead the free world into the Age of Reason.


Born in Arizona and raised in Maryland and Guinea, West Africa, Zach Brown claims the D.C. metro area as his home turf. He is currently back in Africa writing, teaching English as a second language, and making music in Bamako, Mali. Zach is an Eagle Scout who earned a B.A. in English from the University of Maryland. He was also president of the UMD chapters of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy).

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