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culture | 11.29.2019

The Future Is Here: You Can Buy Cannabis Now Magazine At The Airport

The future of cannabis has officially arrived. Going about as mainstream as you can get, Cannabis Now magazine is available at airports.

The future has arrived. While cannabis was once a mysterious plant sheltered from the public eye, recent mainstream acceptance is bringing the herb out into the open. The world’s most widely distributed cannabis magazine is available at airport newsstands. Here’s how you can find Cannabis Now, a celebration of all things cannabis.

The future of cannabis is here

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It’s only in relatively recent times that cannabis has been stigmatized and illegal. Throughout millennia of human history, the herb was harvested and cultivated for food, medicine, recreation, and industrial use. Though much of this history has been forgotten over the 20th century, the herb is now more popular than ever.

Billboards advertising cannabis shops can now be seen along major highways in legal U.S. states. As of late 2015, weary travelers at 50 airports in the U.S. and Canada have been able to purchase Cannabis Now from the ever popular Hudson News.

The Hudson Group took no pains to stuff the publication in the “special interest” category, either. As USA Today reportedCannabis Now is available right in the general interest section, along with publications like Rolling Stone and Vogue.

Cannabis Now: Bringing cannabis to mainstream audiences

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Cannabis Now is unique among cannabis publications. Featuring political interviews, updates on science, cultivation techniques, cannabis culture, and more, Cannabis Now speaks to the rising mainstream status of the herb.

We at Cannabis Now are very proud to have published a magazine that’s recognised and welcomed in a mainstream environment.

We believe this exposure is representative of the global paradigm shift towards the acceptance of cannabis. – Eugenio Garcia, Publisher / Co-Founder

The acceptance of cannabis by popular culture isn’t limited to the U.S. and Canada. The California-based magazine reaches international audiences with every issue and is the world’s most widely distributed cannabis magazine.

Not only is the publication sold in select airports like LAX, JFK, and O’Hare, Cannabis Now is available for digital subscriptions for herb lovers around the globe. Those in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom can sign up for bi-monthly print subscriptions delivered right to your home.

Such a large distribution means that Cannabis Now can wrangle some interviews and articles from celebrities and fascinating cannabis experts. Recently, the publication featured an interview with the father of THC himself, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

Mechoulam discovered THC back in the late 1960s, and he has been studying the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant ever since. His knowledge is valuable to mothers of epileptic children and recreational cannabis consumers alike.

Cannabis Now subscribers get exclusive access to in-depth pieces like Mechoulam’s interview, plus key lessons and stories from the world’s most famous cannabis cultivators, such as Jorge Cervantes, who has been featured in the past.

The cannabis conversation is evolving all across the world as more people come to accept and understand this plant. Having our magazine, which features the latest developments in cannabinoid science and the medical applications of cannabis as well as other coverage areas including a detailed analysis of the current political climate, at airports nationwide puts this information in the hands of travelers the world over.

This is a very significant time in the acceptance of cannabis and sharing knowledge is crucial to this process. – Ellen Holland, Editor

Great for anyone with a passion for the herb, Cannabis Now will change the way you view, experience, and enjoy the plant for a lifetime.

Join the herbal revolution. Cannabis Now is offering 50% off the cover price of a one-year subscription to the magazine. Subscribers will get 6 issues for only $24.99. To subscribe, simply visit CannabisNow.com. 

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