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Cards Against Humanity Is Helping To Legalize Cannabis

That’s right, Cards Against Humanity and the Marijuana Policy Project have joined forces to support the effort to legalize cannabis in Illinois.

Aug 7, 2017 - Todd Farmington

That’s right, Cards Against Humanity and the Marijuana Policy Project have joined forces to support the effort to legalize and regulate cannabis use in Illinois, which comes in the form of 30 new cards

Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack

So, how does the sale of new cards for the “game for horrible people” help the fight to legalize weed in Illinois? All proceeds from the sales of the expansion packs go to the Marijuana Policy Project.

For every pack –  that features 30 new cards – you purchase, you’ll not only be getting new cards to use in your next game, but you’ll also be helping change the laws in Illinois.

To start, Cards Against Humanity donated $70,000 to the Marijuana Policy Project and will continue to fundraise for the campaign until legislation is passed. The legislation is currently pending before Illinois lawmakers; and will likely to come up for a vote in 2018.

We’re proud to support the Marijuana Policy Project because our current marijuana laws are failing. Nationally, there are more arrests for marijuana possession each year than for all violent crimes combined.

The Marijuana Policy Project has been at the forefront of changing marijuana laws for the better, in Illinois and nationwide. – Jo Feldman, Cards Against Humanity head writer

This isn’t the first expansion pack that has been sold to support causes, either, as Cards Against Humanity has raised nearly $5 million for charity partners, which include the likes of, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation, the Wikimedia Foundation, Heifer International and the Chicago Design Museum.

A recent poll says that 66 percent of Illinois voters support regulating marijuana like we do alcohol. So, you’re telling me this effort is something the vast majority of people support that makes everyone happy and pays for our schools and roads, and we’re not doing it? – Max Temkin, Cards Against Humanity co-creator

Buy your packet here.

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