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Culture | 03.01.2023

Choose Your Vibe And Get The Good Times Rollin’ At Good News

This brand has designed six vibes to choose from. How do you want to feel?

There’s a long list of reasons why people use cannabis. It’s an excellent sleep aid, great for warding off stress and anxiety, and it makes any social setting better.

But there’s one reason why stoners remain true to this special plant: the good vibes. With the right people, the right setting, and the right products, cannabis can help us make memories that last a lifetime. That’s exactly what Good News aims to do. 

This cannabis brand has designed six different vibes across their products, letting consumers choose exactly how they want to feel depending on the situation. Are you ready to spread some Good News? See below for more information about the brand and their lineup of vibes.

About Good News

Good News is here to help you make the most of every moment. The brand was created for memorable, great moments with your best buds. Here, all products put love and good times at the forefront to ensure you’re only spreading good news with good vibes and good people.

The team behind the brand strives to turn moments with friends into cherished memories you’ll have for a lifetime. Good News carries three product formats designed for different moments, be it falling asleep or celebrating the weekend. 

In fact, Good News has created six different vibes across their gummies, vapes, and pre-rolls:

  • Counting Sheep
  • Me Time
  • Brunch
  • Friyay
  • Vegas
  • Day Off

Learn more about Good News’ product selection below.

Spreading Good News

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Whatever you’re feeling in the moment, Good News has what you need to make it better. Whether you’re heading out to a party or kicking back with a few buds, choose your moment from Good News’ premium options below.

Vapes: Good News offers both 300mg and 500mg disposable vape pens that pack a flavorful and potent punch. They’re discreet, fast-acting, and great for passing around with pals. Choose from the vibes/flavors below and get to puffin’:

  • Counting Sheep (Black Cherry) – 1:2 CBN:THC
  • Me Time (Berry)
  • Brunch (Orange)
  • Friyay (Melon)
  • Vegas (Mint Chocolate)
  • Day Off (Peach) – 1:2 CBD:THC

Gummies: Looking for a discreet, flavorful, and convenient way to get buzzin’? Check out the gummy options from Good News. These sweet treats are dosed to perfection, providing consistent effects with experiences you can expect each time. Which vibe and flavor will you choose to elevate the moment? See your options below:

  • Counting Sheep (Black Cherry, Indica) – 1:2 CBN:THC
  • Me Time (Blue Raspberry, Indica)
  • Brunch (Orange, Hybrid)
  • Friyay (Watermelon, Sativa)
  • Vegas (Sparkling White Grape, Sativa)
  • Day Off (Peach) – 1:2 CBD:THC

Shorties: These joints from Good News are pre-rolled so you can get the good times rolling. They were made for convenience to ensure you can achieve your desired moment in the fastest way possible. Each pack comes with 7 0.5g pre-rolls, great for a quick solo sesh or a group rotation. Choose your vibe and strain below:

  • Me Time (Indica)
  • Brunch (Hybrid)
  • Friyay (Sativa)
  • Vegas (Sativa)

For more information about Good News, visit their website at

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