This Cop Just Made The Best Argument For Why Weed Should be Legal

It’s not fans of 420 who want it legalized, as even some cops want to see weed decriminalized, so they can catch some real criminals.

Mar 24, 2017 - Todd Farmington

It’s not fans of 420 who want it legalized, as even some cops want to see weed decriminalized, meaning they can police other vices that are actually doing society damage.

Cop Talk: Just legalize weed already

As per the description on his YouTube page, Officer Dominick Izzo is a cop, warrior, and Christian, so you can be sure that he is no stranger to controversy – especially when you factor in some of his statements and beliefs.

Along with finding out the lay of the land from his job that sees him policing Illinois, Officer Izzo posted a meme on DC Police Cheif Cathy Lanier’s stance on cannabis on his popular Facebook to see what the reaction would be, which resulted in many likes, shares, and comments.

Smartest chief ever, Never done it, have no desire and the smell of it actually gives me borderline migraines. But the problems I haven’t seen it cause people, compared to booze, is infinite. – Officer Izzo

Obviously, given the comment Officer Izzo posted with the meme, he agrees that weed is not a problem like alcohol can be.

Progressive PC

Soon after, he commented on the meme that “mental Heath is the issue, not the substance ingested”, a post that got some likes but also saw people argue against his view, which is what was the catalyst for him recording the video.

From stating that Illinois is not just corrupt but also as far behind others as you’re going to get, to disclosing that he has made several arrests for cannabis offences (be it, possessing a roach or drivers under the influence), this seven-minute video goes a long way to explaining his view on weed and why it should be legalized.

But watch for yourself.

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