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Culture | 01.05.2023

Dixie Presents The Future Of Cannabis Through Consistent And Accurate Doses

Never play the guessing game again. Dixie's renowned THC-infused products are accurate, consistent, and powerful.

Cannabis consumers are becoming more aware of their consumption habits. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, “why don’t you just use edibles instead of smoking?” I’d be rich.

If you’re a smoker, that question might sound a little too familiar. But here’s the reality, whoever’s asking is only looking out for your health. You may adore your smoking rituals, but switching your consumption routine to edibles is an excellent way to maintain healthy lungs and experience a different, refreshing, and powerful high.

For all things THC-infused, look to Dixie. You might have heard of the brand’s renowned Dixie Elixirs, aka the original cannabis beverages. These celebrated beverages pack a punch, along with Dixie’s other infused products like chocolates, gummies, mints, etc.

See below for more information about the brand and their infused products.

About Dixie

Dixie proudly presents the future of cannabis. Our past and present-day consumption routines, especially with edibles, are nothing more than a guessing game with tricky dosing guidelines and inconsistent effects.

We all deserve cannabis products we can rely on for accurate doses and consistent effects. Dixie has not only mastered that, but they do so while being an industry leader through research, education, and advocacy.

Their innovative products are a prime example of where cannabis is headed. As smoking fades out, edibles are fading in, and Dixie is blazing the trail as a leader in infused THC products for all, whether you’re new to edibles or a master muncher.

Dixie takes pride in handcrafting every product with pure-extracted THC and their standard-setting methods. Impressively, the brand exceeds mandated batch testing by triple lab testing every single product.

At Dixie, don’t just expect peace of mind that you’re consuming the safest products; expect consistent and powerful effects you simply can’t find elsewhere.

A THC-Infused Catalog

Dixie’s product selection ranges far and wide. Although they only carry edibles and topicals, these are some of the most innovative products on the market. From Orange Awakening Mints to puckering THC Tarts, Dixie has it all.

The brand’s notable elixirs are an incredibly easy and delicious way to reach your desired state of bliss. Take the Fruit Punch Elixir, for example. This tropical-tasting beverage packs a punch with 100mg of high-grade THC per bottle.

The orange, cherry, and pineapple flavors paired with the sweet and tangy sensations on the palate are a vacation in a bottle. This particular elixir is only available in the following states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma

Furthermore, a 200mg THC bottle with 12mg THC per serving is also available in select markets. It’s worth noting that this isn’t your typical cannabis beverage that takes an hour to kick in. By using homogenization technology, Dixie increased the product’s bioavailability and reduced the wait time, meaning it takes roughly 30 minutes to feel the full effects.

With the best ingredients, the highest-grade THC, and even a child-resistant cap with accurate dosing lines, making the switch from smoking to edibles is effortless (and delicious).

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