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culture | 01.01.2022

Turns Out, Elle King Was Lit AF At The Grammys

Grabbing a snack before the Grammys isn’t a bad idea. But for Elle King, perhaps pot muffins wasn’t the most excellent choice, or maybe it was.

Grabbing a snack before the Grammys isn’t a bad idea. But for Elle King, perhaps pot muffins wasn’t the most excellent choice, or maybe it was. She knew she was high, but she didn’t realize a few other things until after the awards. First, she was practically a walking Snapchat filter with her floral headband, a beautiful one at that. Also, she realized she should probably avoid interviews while baked. Despite her eating one too many infused goodies, the singer kept a fantastic sense of humor and provided everyone with a hilarious recap.

Elle King was lit AF

Elle King, you know her as the beautiful American singer responsible for the hit “Ex’s & Oh’s,” But one thing you may not be aware of is her love for pot muffins.

In fact, before strutting her stuff down the red carpet at the Grammys, the star decided to snack on a few to prepare. However, it seems King ate one muffin too many, something most every cannabis enthusiast can relate to when it comes to edibles.

The thing about edibles is that they tend to sneak up on you. Not only can they take several minutes to kick in, but they also give you an out-of-this-world high, especially when you overindulge.

Indeed, Elle did just that. And luckily, she shared a recap of her experience on Instagram for everyone to enjoy, with an added “note to self”:

As can be seen, her highness was entirely accidental. Still, you can’t help but chuckle at her expression, one that anyone who has tried edibles can relate to rather well.


After commenting on how high she was, she also added that she was practically a walking Snapchat filter. It’s all good, though, she rocked that floral crown, even if she was stoned to the bone,

 Sometimes when you’re accidentally high af from pot muffins, you don’t realize you’re A F*CKING SNAPCHAT FILTER until after the Grammys and people tell you.

Oh, but it just keeps getting better. To add icing to the cake, or perhaps muffin, she also included a video of her during an interview,

At first, you may agree with her. But then you’re like, hold up, wait a minute, what did she just say? According to Elle, since guys don’t have periods, it’s must easier for them to get their heart broken,

This is what happens when you’re accidentally rly stoned at the Grammys. You see something shiny, forget that you’re on camera, then forget the question, then remember no one should ever let me be interviewed. #SorryMom #StonedAtTheGrammys.

Despite her accidental high at the Grammys, you have to applaud the star for having a great sense of humor. After all, it’s likely happened to many of you at least once.

Although the Grammys probably aren’t the best place to have the edibles kick in a little too hard, King played it off the best she could. Not to mention, the world now has a reason to love her that much more.

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