4 More Cannabis Entrepreneurs Share Their Craziest Stories

In the second installment of an ongoing series, entrepreneurs provide us with their most unusual stories about working in the cannabis space.

Dec 29, 2016 - Stephen Calabria

If you live long enough and get out enough, you’re bound to encounter some strange things along the way. That goes double for people who work in the cannabis industry, who are definitely bound to encounter strange things along the way. In the second installment of an ongoing series, we’ve turned to some more entrepreneurs who have provided us with their most hilarious, unusual, and sometimes terrifying stories about working in the cannabis space.

Anthony Franciosi, Honest Marijuana

4 More Cannabis 1 New Police Survey Has Surprising Results About Legalization
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We decided to build the growery from the ground up in order to create a fully controlled environment. To maximize our resources, we utilized a prefabricated build for the walls of the growery.

While one of the sections of the growery was being transported through the mountains of Colorado in the middle of February, the driver got stuck on a guardrail. Seven of us had to drive out with trucks and chainsaw in the middle of the night to free the growery from the guardrail and the side of the mountain.

In the end, the growery made it to its destination and everything is now up and running smoothly.

Aaron Herzberg, CalCann Holdings

4 More Cannabis 2 New Police Survey Has Surprising Results About Legalization
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The craziest experience I’ve had in the cannabis space was working in a small desert town called Adelanto- – it was wild and surreal, almost like being in the Wild West. At many city council meetings, a bipolar person dressed up as a clown would show up and yell at everyone.

Meanwhile, the school district representative against marijuana legalization would show up and get into a vicious fight with the council member in favor of sensible cannabis regulations at almost every meeting.

Leslie Bocskor, Electrum Partners

4 More Cannabis 3 New Police Survey Has Surprising Results About Legalization
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In August of 2014, I was asked to speak and be part of a panel at the NCIA Southwest summit… I crashed my bike that morning for the first and only time – sliding on black top in 104-degree heat that removed the skin from much of my left calf, embedding little pieces of gravel, tar, and other detritus from the street into my now grated-meat calf.

I went home and used a nail brush to scrub the dirt out of my injury because I had to be at the speaking engagement in 45 minutes. I then followed by pouring isopropyl alcohol on the open wound to make sure it was properly cleaned, and applied my own bandages, put on my suit, went to give the talk, which was about the need for SROs and the impending problem the industry would face regarding edibles and children (this was 2014).

If this had been an engagement for any other industry, I would have canceled and gone straight to the doctor. The building momentum and need for further advocacy in the industry prompted me to finish the talk with my leg throbbing from the largest flesh wound I’d had in decades.

Steve Gormley, Seventh Point LLC

4 More Cannabis 4 New Police Survey Has Surprising Results About Legalization
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I once toured a cultivation facility in Los Angeles where I was asked to remove all my clothes before touring the site. I was with a grow of Orthodox Jewish investors from New York and they too were expected to strip down. We complied and took a business meeting in our underwear after the tour.

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