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Culture | 05.03.2022

Female-Led Platform Gritty In Pink Sparked 4/20 With A Vibrant Charity Event

The Gritty In Pink 4/20 Event raised funds and awareness for Americans For Safe Access.

The third annual Gritty In Pink Roll Up For 4/20 Charity Event was in full swing in Los Angeles last month. 

The event featured Gritty In Pink founder and recording artist Shiragirl (Shira Yevin), co-host Xtine Reckless, and Shiragirl drummer Rainey P.

Shiragirl has had quite an impressive track record in the independent music scene. 

She created the Vans Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage that featured over 300 female musicians like Joan Jett and Paramore.

Her platform for empowering women, Gritty In Pink, raised funds and awareness for Americans For Safe Access. The non-profit organization strives to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research throughout the nation. 

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Photo by Jack Lue

The Gritty In Pink event hit the ground running with a kickass performance of Shiragirl’s stoner anthem “Blazey” alongside Xtine Reckless and drummer Rainey P.

The charismatic, witty, and empowered ladies were seen munching on the event’s official edibles sponsored by Kahna Treats and hitting a few pre-rolls to get things in gear. 

The UK-based vocalist and frontwoman of Hands Off Gretel, Lauren Tate, kept the ball rolling. She shared her powerful and raspy stylings for an acoustic performance of the band’s original song “Kiss Me Girl” while talking about new music and her personal songwriting process. 

The blissful and serene sounds of recording artist Marieme hit the stage next. A smiley Marieme happily popped a few Kahna gummies and introduced listeners to her single, “2 Oceans.”

Swedish pop star Manda Malina made an appearance and spoke about her creative process, temporarily living in Sweden, and how her new tune “Fuck Myself” is a massive part of her coming-out journey. 

Last but certainly not least, neo-soul trap empress from Atlanta, SunniDread, gave viewers a sneak peek of her forthcoming album ‘Highly Recommended’ with a half-burned joint sitting on her studio desk. 

As the artists headed out, Debbie Churgai from Americans for Safe Access joined the Gritty In Pink ladies and celebrated the organization’s 20th anniversary. 

Besides the NPO’s mission to bring Americans safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis, it’s also launching a homegrown campaign. 

Churgai mentioned how some states have it legal. She expressed that many regions have lingering laws against personal cannabis cultivation, which the ladies agree should be a “civil right.”

If you purchase a yearly membership with Americans For Safe Access, it comes with a ton of benefits like slashed prices at a handful of dispensaries throughout the nation. 

“Definitely mention ASA when you go shopping, and there are places that will give you discounts,” Churgai explained. 

To view the entire Gritty In Pink Roll Up For 4/20 Charity Livestream, check out Gritty In Pink’s IGTV

Learn more about Americans For Safe Access at safeaccessnow.org and donate at safeaccessnow.org/donate

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