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Culture | 09.26.2023

Smokable Blunt Wraps By Brothers Broadleaf

Founded by the Newman brothers, Brothers Broadleaf equips blunt smokers with the highest-quality wraps.

Calling all blunt smokers. You’re likely sick and tired of unnecessary veins and crumbly wraps, aren’t you? I know I am. 

Luckily, brands like Brothers Broadleaf are taking your blunt smoking experiences to perfection with their high-quality cigars for blunt smokers. No holes, no veins, and no disappointment—Brothers Broadleaf supplies stoners with premium wraps that will elevate your sessions once and for all. 

See below for more information about Brothers Broadleaf and their unbeatable bestsellers. 

About Brothers Broadleaf

Founded by Dawson and Paxton Newman in 2019, the two Tampa-based brothers are fourth-generation cigar makers and know this industry like the back of their hands. Leveraging the experience of their predecessors, Dawson and Paxton created a premium blunt wrap that our cannabis community has patiently waited for.

The brothers were sick and tired of the poor-quality leaves that blunt smokers have been using for far too long. They knew that going back to the basics and refraining from using mass-producing cigar machines was the way to go.

So, they gathered the finest tobacco, hand-rolled their cigars, and inspected them by a quality control team to guarantee quality, smokeability, and consumer satisfaction. Simply put, Brothers Broadleaf is your one-way ticket to the sessions you’ve been dreaming of.

"Slightly Imperfect, Perfectly Smokeable"

The wraps offered at Brothers Broadleaf are “slightly imperfect, perfectly smokeable,” notes their website. Blunt lovers understand that all-natural tobacco wraps will never be “perfect,” but they should smoke perfectly. 

Brothers Broadleaf offers three kinds of rollable leaves. See your options below. 

Paxton’s Pearls 5-Pack: The brand’s most popular product, Paxton’s Pearls 5-Pack, comes with five rollable leaves that use premium quality Genuine Connecticut Broadleaf. Experiencing the easy rolls and breezy smokes of these Pearls will make you realize what you’ve been missing all along. 

Paxton’s Pearls Havana 5-Pack: Another popular option at Brothers Broadleaf is Paxton’s Pearls Havana 5-Pack. These rollable and premium quality leaves use the highest quality genuine Havana Seed tobacco for unmatched blunt sessions. 

Dawson’s DudZ 5-Pack: Last but certainly not least, Dawson’s DudZ 5-Pack is another quality option with five almost-perfect cigars in every pack.

All Brothers Broadleaf wraps are available in higher quantities, like a 20-pack or 40-pack. The brand also offers essential accessories like grinders, rolling trays, custom filter tips, and more. 

For more products and information about Brothers Broadleaf, visit their website at

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