13 Things That Definitely Happened The First Time You Smoked Weed

From wasting weed to eating one edible too many, here are 13 things you definitely went through when you tried weed for the first time.

Apr 3, 2017 - Brittney Sanger

No one can forget the first time they laid hands on the herb. It’s an experience that will remain in your memory for life. While some people knew what they were doing from the start, others had no idea what to do when they first held that joint in their mouth. Whether you were practically born to consume weed or had to learn along the way, you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of mishaps. From wasting weed to eating one edible too many, here are 13 things you went through when you smoked pot for the first time.

1. You didn’t get high


If you didn’t get high the first time you tried weed, then you aren’t alone. In fact, most people don’t. After all, you had no idea what you were doing.

2. You got way too high


Your first experience with ganja was probably shared with people who have been smoking weed for years. Of course, this encouraged you to act like you knew your stuff. You got high alright, a little too high.

3. The edibles kicked your ass



4. Weed bits made their way onto your tongue


Not only did you smoke herb for the first time, but you also tasted it.

5. The munchies


To this day, you might still get the munchies. But after your first session, they were intense.

6. Driving was its own adventure


It’s as if you were in a video game.

7. Actually, no it wasn’t


Your primary focus was not dying.

8. You acted weird, to say the least


You probably weren’t that high. But that didn’t stop you from acting like you were.

9. You held your hits in longer than you needed to


Either someone told you to do it, or you figured it would get you higher. As a result, you coughed a lung up. Maybe even two.

10. You tried to smoke the wrong end of the blunt


You’ll never forget the first time you put the lit end of the blunt inside your mouth. From time to time, you might still do that now. Ouch.

11. Venturing out into the public


Going out in public can be scary enough sober. It’s nowhere near as intense as the time you first got high and decided to go to the store, though.

12. Being stoned around your parents


Trying to hide from your parents after getting high for the first time was a mission in itself, especially when it came time to sit down for dinner.

13. Somehow, someway you wasted your weed


Maybe you didn’t grind your bud before smoking it. Or, perhaps you didn’t inhale properly. Whatever the case may be, you probably wasted a ton of pot when you first came into contact with it.

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