Floyd Mayweather’s Reaction to Diaz’s 5-Year Marijuana Suspension Is Perfect

Floyd Mayweather’s reaction when he hears about the 5-year marijuana suspension for the first time explains the situation in its entirety.

Sep 23, 2015 - HERB

First there was Ronda Rousey’s awesome response to Nick Diaz’s 5-year marijuana suspension. Then there was Katt Williams’ funny and realistic response about it. Now, Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers to have ever lived, reacts to the UFC fighter’s 5-year marijuana suspension.

His first reaction is the best as soon as he finds out about the 5-year marijuana suspension for the first time. After that, what he says is absolutely true and humorous. However, the whole situation is not humorous one bit obviously.

Enjoy this short little clip of Mayweather’s reaction to the whole situation! We’re surprised that Mayweather had not heard about this yet!

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