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culture | 12.02.2019

Here’s What Happens When People Get High On Game Shows

Check out this compilation video of both everyday Joe’s and even celebrities participating in game shows in which they must answer questions about pot.

Have you ever sat at home watching game shows when all of a sudden a weed reference pops up? You can’t help but chuckle, especially when it happens so randomly. Not to mention, the reactions people make are hilarious when bringing up anything cannabis-related. Check out this video for a compilation of both everyday Joe’s and even celebrities participating in game shows in which they must answer questions about pot.

Getting high on game shows!

In this video by Cannabis Saves Lives!, you’ll get to catch some of these memorable moments in one compilation. From Family Feud to the $100,000 Pyramid, weed and all things related have been brought up on more than one occasion.

No need to light up to get high, this collection of game show clips has your back. To start with, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg participate in the $100,000 Pyramid.

Of course, when you put those two together, they’re bound to talk about weed. In fact, Martha and Snoop make the perfect duo when it comes to delivering and answering questions about ganja. Snoop doesn’t miss a single one, and Martha barely has to think of what to say.

Further, into the video, participants must guess various slang terms for cannabis on Family Feud. Steve Harvey is famous for his facial expressions, but when you bring up the herb around him, they get ten times more comical.

Also, the guests and their denial make the show hilarious. One guy, in particular, chooses dime bag for his answer but repeatedly swears that he has no idea what it means. In true Steve Harvey Fashion, he calls the guest out on his bluff.

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