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culture | 12.02.2019

“Ruthless” girl scout sells cookies outside a dispensary

Nothing says hustle like the Girl Scouts of America come cookie season.

As a point of personal policy, I gotta respect the hustle. And what says hustle like the Girl Scouts of America come cookie season? Between late winter and early spring, troops across the county sell millions of boxes of thin mints, trefoils and the recently added s’mores to hungry cookie wanters. One girl scout in Arizona had a hunch she knew where people might have the munchies, and set up shop accordingly.

“Girl Scouts are fucking ruthless,” tweeted Cassie out of Phoenix, Arizona, “selling right outside of a Dispensary.”

Yes, outside of the Harvest of Tempe Dispensary, smokers who had just picked up Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies could follow up by buying actual thin mint Girl Scout cookies. As one redditor pointed out, this scout should earn double the brownie points because not only is it smart to sell Do-si-dos where people may need them most, but it’s also likely that dispensary customers came with cash in hand.

But if there’s a merit badge for selling to stoners then this girl scout wouldn’t actually be the first to get it. A similar event happened four years ago and the reaction from the Girl Scout community was mixed to say the very least.

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Photo courtesy of ABC News

In February of 2014, 13-year-old Danielle Lee also found it would be industrious to sell cookies outside of San Francisco’s Green Cross dispensary. In only two hours, Lee managed to push 117 boxes of cookies. The dispensary said they saw Lee call for backup and restocks after 45 minutes.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado, one of the few states that had full recreational pot sales at the time, issued a statement disapproving of selling outside of dispensaries, adding they wouldn’t allow their Girl Scouts to sell in front of bars and liquor shops either. The Northern Californian branch which represented Lee, however, was a little more flexible with their language, perhaps because hustle respects hustle.

“To date, we have not attempted to list either “permitted” or “prohibited” locations and have relied on parents and volunteers to make wise decisions for their girls,” said Dana Allen of the Girls Scouts of Northern California. “As always, we evaluate our policies and procedures at the end of each cookie sale and will consider whether further guidelines will be beneficial regarding booth site selection.”

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