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High Culture: Best Celebrity Wellness Brands 2023

Meet the wellness-focused celebrity brands to keep an eye on in 2023.

Wellness as a lifestyle is becoming more and more important in society. Now it is not only a matter of looking good but also of feeling good.

Wellness has many faces, and for some people, it is achieved by exercising; for others, it is achieved with a balanced diet, through self-care, outdoor activities, and even with cannabis.

In fact, cannabis has proven to be a great ally in obtaining wellness in the lives of thousands of people, if not millions. With careful formulations specially developed to achieve this wellness, brands and products have been launched on the market focused precisely on that, to improve the quality of life of people.

Brands and companies from all over the industry have joined this wave of wellness, and celebrities are not far behind when it comes to launching products focused on wellness.

Find out which celebrities have chosen to play a leading role as wellness entrepreneurs and go far beyond promoting a product with their name.

Marley Natural

Photo By Marley Natural

Marley Natural pays homage and respect to the philosophies of Bob Marley that rally for positive social change, giving back to most-impacted communities, and remaining mindful regarding environmental footprints.

This premium brand brings awareness, authenticity, and respect to nature through responsibly-sourced cannabis products and accessories. Everything offered at Marley Natural reflects Bob’s ethos of merging nature’s finest with a belief in the herb’s potential. As the official Bob Marley cannabis brand, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Fabletics By Kate Hudson

This is a sportswear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson, with an avant-garde style and affordable prices that will make people feel fabulous to train like real champions. 

The garments start from 25 dollars and have different benefits by subscription. A good excuse to dress beautifully while working out on the road to wellness.

Willie's Remedy By Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a veteran cannabis advocate who has been championing the use and legalization of cannabis for more than 40 years, as he knows its benefits firsthand. No wonder he has launched his own CBD company called Willie’s Remedy.

Here you can find CBD oils, coffee, tea, and topicals. All focused on making you feel better.  

WelleCo By Elle MacPherson

When the supermodel is not busy writing wellness tips for Well+Good, she devotes her time to the alkalizing super-elixir WelleCo. This product is a green powder that includes more than 40 carefully selected ingredients, combining Chinese herbs, mushrooms, and super greens.

A way to supplement to achieve well-being.

Happy Dance By Kristen Bell

Happy Dance is a CBD skincare brand designed with women and their skincare routines in mind. 

Kristen Bell’s brand of CBD beauty products seeks to end the stigma of cannabis use for mothers and mothers-to-be around the world by offering products such as lotions, eye creams, moisturizers, body butter, bath bombs, and more. 

Game Up Nutrition By Nick & Nate Diaz

This pair of UFC brothers really know what they’re doing with their cannabis products. Game Up Nutrition offers CBD oils, flowers, edibles, topicals, and even CBD for pets. All focused on greater wellness.

They are also transparent and open about their business practices, having certifications from the FDA, cGMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 22716. This is quality practically guaranteed.

Barker Wellness Co. By Travis Barker

Travis Barker’s cannabis brand has a great range of products, which they claim to be vegan, and cruelty-free, and include some pretty impressive ingredients that potentiate the beneficial effects they promise. This is a vegan wellness company focused on helping people live healthier lives. 

Final Opinion

Remember that fame and status do not make celebrity-owned wellness brands better or worse than regular brands. Especially cannabis brands require commitment and dedication to safety, ethics, transparency, and responsibility to their customers.

Wellness is more than a destination. It is a journey that never ends. Finding the different things that work for each of us is part of our own exploration toward a better state of mind and overall well-being. Find the activities, products, or routines that make you feel better, and make them part of your life.

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