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Best Celebrity CBD & Wellness Brands 2024

Celeb wellness unwrapped.

From the legendary tunes of Bob Marley to the spirited screen presence of Bella Thorne, stars are turning their passion for the plant into pioneering product lines. Here, we’re rolling out the green carpet to showcase the best celebrity CBD and wellness brands of 2024. 

Join us as we explore how these famous faces infuse their unique styles and beliefs into cannabis culture. Whether you’re a wellness warrior or a CBD newbie, these star-studded brands strive to set the bar high.

Lion X Wellness

Lion X Wellness, helmed by Nico Marley and Gaetan Khaley, reimagines Bob Marley’s legacy with a contemporary CBD twist.

As a Black-owned venture, it offers a diverse range of products like gummies, oils, capsules, and muscle balms, all crafted to the highest wellness standards.

This GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, and organic lineup caters to a holistic health approach. The Sea Moss Capsules, a standout in their arsenal, epitomizes their commitment to well-rounded health.

Packed with 800 mg of Irish Moss Powder, these capsules are a convenient energy source and vital nutrients like iron and magnesium, blending modern wellness with a touch of tradition and innovation.

Barker Wellness

Following a plane accident in 2008, Travis Barker of Blink-182 channeled his recovery experience into creating Barker Wellness, a CBD brand steeped in personal significance.

This brand stands out with its various cannabinoid-infused offerings like soothing creams, tinctures, and bath soaks, uniquely incorporating CBC and CBG for holistic wellness.

Upholding vegan and cruelty-free standards, Barker Wellness features a variety of products, including flavor-rich CBD gummies tailored for specific needs like recovery, sleep, and daily maintenance.


DJ Khaled’s BLESSWELL is a fresh entry in the CBD market, focusing on men’s grooming. In partnership with Endexx Corporation, Khaled offers six tropical-scented skincare products, emphasizing natural, healthy hair and skin.

Each item, infused with 300mg of U.S.-grown hemp, includes a face mask, beard oil, and moisturizer. BLESSWELL aligns with Khaled’s wellness philosophy, promoting self-care as the key to success.

A bonus: taking your meditation to a unique level with the guided voice of DJ Khaled, offered with BLESSWELL purchases.


Megan Rapinoe’s CBD brand, Mendi, co-founded with her sister Rachael, offers products promoting athlete wellness. Despite controversy surrounding the use of CBD in sports, especially compared to THC, Rapinoe advocates for CBD’s benefits in her routine, using it for pain, inflammation, mood stabilization, and better sleep.

The brand, recognized for its focus on natural recovery methods, provides alternatives to traditional pain management medications. This approach aligns with the evolving perceptions and regulations in sports regarding cannabinoid use.

Happy Dance

In partnership with Lord Jones, Kristen Bell’s Happy Dance marked a foray into CBD skincare, offering a user-friendly intro to cannabis-based products.

Renowned for its affordability, the brand featured a line enriched with full-spectrum hemp extract. Despite early success, Happy Dance ceased operations, with its products discontinued on its website on January 27, 2023.

However, for those keen to experience the brand, the remaining stock is still available at retailers like Ulta, CVS, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods while supplies last.


DEFY, co-launched by NFL legend Terrell Davis, carves out a niche in performance wellness. As a Black-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned enterprise, it zeroes in on enhancing athletic performance with a focus on boosting, hydrating, and recovery.

Known for its award-winning products, DEFY is committed to social responsibility, regularly donating a portion of its profits to support underserved and minority communities.

Plus CBD

John Legend and Plus Products have collaborated to launch a nationwide line of hemp CBD edibles, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Legend’s belief in the wellness potential of CBD, combined with his support for the quality and scientific precision offered Plus Products, inspired the partnership. It features three distinct products: BALANCE in Blueberry, UPLIFT in grapefruit, and SLEEP in blackberry tea.

Willies Remedy

Rooted in music legend Willie Nelson’s love for natural remedies, Willies Remedy is a brand focused on holistic CBD wellness. This brand, a natural offshoot from his Willie’s Reserve cannabis line, serves a soothing array of hemp-infused teas and coffees.

The latest buzz? A double-strength hemp coffee, blending rich Colombian beans from independent U.S. growers with a kick of calming hemp.

Forbidden Flowers

Forbidden Flowers by Bella Thorne, in partnership with Glass House Group, brings a unique, feminine touch to the cannabis industry. This brand celebrates self-expression and wellness, offering a range of carefully curated strains to suit various moods and moments.

Thorne’s involvement ensures top-quality, sun-grown cannabis products, reflecting her commitment to both quality and personal freedom. Forbidden Flowers stands out with its vibrant, inviting branding, making it more than just a product line – it’s a statement of empowerment and self-care in the cannabis space.

Marley Natural

Inspired by Bob Marley’s legacy, Marley Natural is more than a cannabis brand—it symbolizes his belief in the plant’s spiritual and creative benefits.

Co-developed with his family, it offers a range of products, including topicals and heirloom Jamaican strains. Emphasizing freedom and wellness, the brand reflects Marley’s vision of cannabis as a tool for self-discovery and healing, continuing his advocacy for responsible use and natural wellness. 

In the world of CBD and wellness, 2023 has shown that when celebrities step in, they bring more than just their fame – they infuse innovation and personal flair into every product.

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