Culture | 09.18.2022

High Culture: If You Wear These Sneakers, Chances Are You Smoke These Strains

Your kicks say a lot more about you than you might think.

Cannabis and fashion go together like bread and butter.

Anyone deeply intertwined in the cannabis community knows that sneakers are a massive part of the culture. The same goes for music, art, streetwear, and the entire subculture we’ve carefully preserved.

When it comes to kicks, you‘d be surprised at what they say about a person without even getting to know them. We’ve noticed an interesting correlation between someone’s sneaker of choice and their strain of choice.

Between some of the top five sneakers of 2022 below, here’s what you‘re likely smoking based on your sneaker of choice.

Rick And Morty x Puma MB.01

That’s right; Puma is making a comeback. After Lamelo Ball signed with the brand, it’s been taking off.

Furthermore, the Rick and Morty x Puma MB.01 is Ball’s first signature sneaker. These vibrant kicks come in neon colors and totally align with the spacey vibe Rick and Morty is all about.

If you‘re wearing this shoe, your favorite strain is probably Alien OG. The bright flavors and bold colors make this strain stand out from the rest, similar to the Puma x Rick and Morty collab.

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle

We didn’t know we needed a Gucci x Adidas collaboration until now. The collab resulted in tons of Gazelles, and they’re quickly gaining popularity.

It’s a sleek, minimalist shoe embroidered with the Gucci print, and it goes for roughly $850. If you‘re rocking these dapper sneakersyou probably enjoy quality over quantity when it comes to weed.

For that reason, you‘re likely picking up high-end strains like White Fire OG. It’s a serene Indica-dominant hybrid that isn’t too flashy, but is of top-tier quality for the seasoned user.

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1

Are you the “Highest In The Room?” Rapper Travis Scott made waves with his collaboration with Nike for his own Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 1 sneakers.

They carry an earthy-tone color scheme with backward Nike swooshes to give the shoe an authentic flair. If you‘re wearing these shoes, maybe you‘ve heard of Scott’s own strain, PYT Jack Flower.

Besides that, you‘re probably smoking a heavy-hitting and bold Indica like Death Bubba, a killer strain that hits in all the right places.

Union x Air Jordan 2

The Union and Jordan “Future Is Now” collaboration brings an organic set of neutral-toned sneakers with premium materials and sweet yet subtle details.

Another non-flashy fashion choice, these earthy kicks are Michael Jordan’s second signature sneaker and are some of the most refreshing and fashionable of the year.

If you‘re picking up these sneakersyou probably ask your local budtender for a relaxing, nonchalant, breezy strain like Gelato. You‘re looking for a strain that does the job but keeps you aware, focused, and sharp during social settings.

New Balance 990v3 Made In USA "Moonbeam" Sneakers

Designed by Teddy Santis, these sneakers are as subtle yet fashionable as it gets.

There’s no denying that dad shoes are making a comeback, and many of us know that New Balance does that category best.

If you love your Moonbeam New Balances, you probably like the classics, the go-to’s, and the reliable strains like OG Kush. You want a strain you can depend on for comfort, style, and good vibes, something New Balance is all about.

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