culture | 11.28.2019

How do you explain your brain on drugs to someone who’s never tried them? Visually of course.

Explaining mind alteration is one of the greatest challenges plaguing drug liberation. Simple yet powerful, these 12 images illustrate your brain on drugs.

One of the biggest challenges to ending the drug war is achieving widespread understanding without utilizing firsthand experience. Most people are never going to try salvia, so how then are they supposed to speak on it with any validity? It’s no wonder fear dominates our drug culture.

Currently an undergraduate student at Duke University, artist Meaghan Li has tried her hand at explaining 12 prevalent drugs using her medium of choice: graphic design. Simple and powerful, these communicate more with less, suggesting the limits of language when it comes to mind-altering substances. What do you think — are these in line with your own experience?


Disclaimer: These views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Stoner’s Cookbook. The Stoner’s Cookbook does not endorse consumption of illegal drugs.


Featured image Meaghan Li

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