You’ll Love Shopping In This Marijuana Mall
Culture | 08.20.2019

You’ll Love Shopping In This Marijuana Mall

Colorado will be the pioneers of something the marijuana industry has never seen before anywhere in the world – a marijuana mall.

It’s likely most of you never believed that in your lifetime, you would be able to walk into a one stop shop for marijuana. Colorado will be the pioneer of the world’s first marijuana mall, that is all about marijuana shops and marijuana products. This exciting new shopping location in Trinidad, Colorado will be hosting all kinds of shops that will probably stock a range of marijuana products as well as all the helpful paraphernalia that weed smokers require.

Can you imagine how this is going to change buying marijuana in the USA? There are no limits to how this can change the culture of buying marijuana all around the world, with the world’s first marijuana mall. To think of how rapidly the acceleration of marijuana legalization has impacted the USA puts it in the forefront of marijuana culture.

Makers of the marijuana mall

Makers of the marijuana mall

The people behind the world’s first marijuana mall are Chris Elkins and Sean Sheridan, entrepreneurs of the marijuana business. They chose Trinidad especially because of its leniency with laws and marijuana tourism. Elkins said in an interview with a local news station, “This town has a zero-foot setback, which allows us to put five dispensaries here right next to one another. As far as we know, we are the only town in Colorado that can do this.”

The pair brought together their love for herb and their love for business, and co-created this idea to have a one stop location for all kinds of marijuana products. They have already purchased a building for the endeavor and have businesses who are lined up to open shop there.

The grand opening

The grand opening of the marijuana mall

The grand opening of the marijuana mall is expected for April this year, depending on how long it takes to obtain City Council approval. According to Elkins and Sheridan, the community in general seem quite pleased to have this addition to their town. The developers believe that it will benefit the economy, and so too do the people who live in Trinidad.

There will be obstacles to overcome such as theft, but despite this Elkins and Sheridan are excited to bring to the public the world’s first marijuana mall.

The new paradigm

worlds first marijuana mall

Well, twenty years ago buying marijuana was something you had to walk into a dark alley to do. It wasn’t likely considered a possibility that at some stage people were going to be able to go to the mall and indulge in any kind of marijuana shopping spree they desire. But apparently the day has arrived. A marijuana mall is now a real thing that exists in Trinidad, Colorado.

The new paradigm is emerging stronger than ever in the USA right now, with some parts of the USA becoming something like little Amsterdams. Marijuana is so quickly integrating into the culture of the American people that we have more than just dispensaries – we have the world’s first marijuana mall.

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