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culture | 01.01.2022

You can now smoke rolling papers with anti-weed crusader Jeff Sessions’ face on them

Time to have a sesh with Sessions.

There are six states where it is currently legal to buy recreational cannabis and more on the way. Weed being illegal on a federal level is nothing new, but one member of the current White House administration has induced more anxiety to commercial cannabis: Jeff Sessions. If you’ve wanted to see Sessions go up in smoke, there’s a new line of rolling papers out there that might be a fitting effigy.

“We are not criminals, junkies or idiots,” writes the page for JeffSesh Rolling Papers. “We’re good, responsible, patriotic Americans. We’re voters from both parties and no parties. We are regular Jeffs all over the USA. We are upstanding citizens who don’t want to hide every time we want to enjoy a sesh. And frankly, we’re offended the top law enforcement officer in the nation thinks we’re bad people.”

Getting a read on Trump’s long-term cannabis policy has been hard to pin down, as the president himself has mentioned everything from respecting states rights to continued prohibition at one point or another. The people he surrounds himself with have been more worrying to smokers. Jeff Sessions, in charge of the Department of Justice, has worked to unravel Obama-era policy protecting state-level cannabis programs and has vocalized several times over that he wants to squash the growing legalization movement.

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Photo by @JeffSesh Via Twitter

Available in a black “1st Edition” pack and a white one, Jeff Sessions face appears on the JeffSesh papers, puckered and withered akin to a MAD Magazine illustration. They’ve already sold out on the first run, but the page says that it will be restocking soon for future orders.

JeffSesh is a rolling paper retailer cum legal marijuana advocacy group, though, with no listed affiliations or charities, it is uncertain how the group intends to use their resources outside of papers. It’d be like saying those toilet paper rolls with George W. Bush’s face on them was a form of activism. But political potency or not, maybe you just feel like watching Jeff Sessions head stuffed with weed before going ablaze.

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