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Culture | 05.19.2022

Kevin Durant Talks Cannabis Use And Advocacy With David Letterman

"I'm actually high right now."

Professional athletes are no strangers to cannabis. 

Although the NBA banned using the plant, the league stopped drug testing players randomly

Other professional sports leagues like the NFL are actually funding research on the benefits of CBD to treat chronic pain in football players

One particular athlete we know and love opened up about his cannabis use on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman

Brooklyn Nets baller Kevin Durant sat down with Letterman for his new season of the talk show available on Netflix on May 20. 

In a preview clip of the interview posted to Netflix’s YouTube account, Letterman asked Durant about what his business ventures look like in the marijuana industry. 

Photo courtesy of Netflix / YouTube

Durant explained that he’s partnered with Weedmaps. His goal? Besides pushing out content, the team is trying to find new “ways to change the narrative around athletes and marijuana,” said Durant. 

Letterman was happily on board with Durant’s efforts to destigmatize it. He added that people viewed cannabis use as a one-way ticket to hell for decades. 

The Slim Reaper gestured out the window to New York City, explaining that it will have a ton of dispensaries in the coming years. A move that other states have already made. 

“And it’s even crazier that you got people in jail for 20 years for maybe selling a pound,” Durant stated. 

The Brooklyn Nets star explained that he started using weed at 22. He says it helps “clear the distractions” from his mind and calms him down, comparing it to “having a glass of wine.”

He added with a cool, calm, and collected tone, “I’m actually high right now.” 

I’m personally very excited to see if this canna-convo continues throughout the interview. 

After all, we’ve known Durant to be a proud advocate for medical marijuana and encouraging its use over dangerous and highly addictive opioids

The official interview with Kevin Durant on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman will air on May 20 on Netflix.

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