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Culture | 01.05.2023

Kick Anxiety To The Curb With The Various CBD Products At Highline Wellness

Hush the voices in your mind and live without fear; Highline Wellness is here.

Anxiety can be brutal. There’s nothing worse than ruining a good moment with unnecessary stress, intrusive thoughts, and fearing what’s coming next. 

What’s arguably worse is THC-induced anxiety and paranoia. Although I love cannabis, and you might too, experiencing the dreaded onset of paranoia and a racing heart can be incredibly stressful. It has the power to turn you off of cannabis altogether. 

Luckily, there’s a happy medium that doesn’t get you high but promotes the calming, stress-relieving, and motivating benefits of cannabis. Whether you’re new to CBD or haven’t found a brand you trust, Highline Wellness has what you need to feel like yourself once again. 

Learn more about Highline Wellness and their top-of-the-line CBD products below. 

About Highline Wellness

Highline Wellness is on a mission to make a more pleasant world. They offer elevated remedies for everyday needs and strive to help you have a better day every day.

The brand was founded by three friends who shared a common, debilitating struggle that far too many of us experience: Anxiety. Today’s busy world is facing anxiety at record-breaking levels, and most doctors and healthcare workers are eager to prescribe prescription drugs to combat it.

Named after the Highline in New York City, Highline Wellness is on a mission to treat mental health and general wellness without pharmaceuticals. The team strives to share the benefits of plant-based alternatives while making them easily accessible and affordable.

While the people of New York see the Highline as a refuge elevated above the chaos, Highline Wellness wanted to draw on those principles to create a premium brand that’s different from the rest while promising elevated experiences for all.

CBD For All Needs

Whether you’re looking for CBD for sleep, calm, energy, recovery, or immune support, Highline Wellness has something for you. The brand lets you browse by solution or product, presenting options like gummies, oils, and topicals. 

For new and seasoned CBD users, I’d recommend the CBD Gummies Sampler from Highline Wellness. It’s currently on sale for $60 (regular price $87) and comes with the brand’s best-selling gummies, including:

If you’re trying to avoid sugar, check out the CBD Oil Tincture. The refreshing mint flavor paired with the quick effects makes this tincture a no-brainer. It contains great-tasting hemp-derived CBD oil to calm the mind and body while providing zero-sugar relief whenever and wherever you need it. 

For more products and information about Highline Wellness, visit their website at

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