How to deal weed

Let This Aussie Guy Show You How to Deal Weed

For those of you out there who want to know how to deal weed, you can watch this video of Gavin Tanner – just about the best weed dealer there is.

Nov 25, 2015 - Sera Jane Ghaly

How to deal weed

Luckily for those of you out there who are dying to become weed dealers, you can watch this video of Gavin Tanner – just about the best weed dealer there is. If you have been dying to get involved in the weed dealing business, let this Aussie guy show you how to really deal weed.

What’s his method?

Well, firstly to know your product. Pack a bong and get acquainted with your own supply. Don’t let the community suffer by your buds not being the stickiest – and the only way to know is if you are wasted!

Be aware of your cash flow situation, which means knowing when your customer’s unemployment benefits come in! Know when they are cashed up so that you can start offering your services.

Then the deal itself is easy. Customer asks, “Got any weed?” Dealer answers, “Why yes I do, come in”. Then you put weed in their hand, and they put money in yours!

Bury all your cash in the forest, so that you don’t have to be charged fees or have to remember any PIN numbers. But keep a safe in your house anyway, so that people think you keep all the cash there.

And last of all, a dealer is a hero in the community, so remember to act that way. Give back any way you can… like pumping up a stranger’s tire!

Happy dealing!

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