15 LGBTQIA+ Weed Creators You Should Know

Weed and LGBTQ creators that you should know about is not a blog post that you'll run across every day. But if there was a moment to do it, it was Pride Month.

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Weed and LGBTQ creators that you should know about is not a blog post that you’ll run across every day. But if there was a moment to do it, it was Pride Month. Because the introduction will not tell you much more than what the list itself will… let’s get to it.


WeedFeed has been around long enough to build up a solid follower base of more than 350k people on Instagram. Incredible recipes and an unbelievably unique artistic way to look at cannabis through a lens that seems powered by the mind of a 5-year-old.

Aaliyah Ei

Aaliyah Ei is a non-binary cannabis advocate that takes incredibly beautiful self-portraits in a way that’s simply appealing to the eye. If we had to pick somebody that has made cannabis look like haute couture it’s @thelittlebeast


@_lunita is an advocate for ‘queer love’, in her own words, and a tea-drinking cannabis connoisseur with a colorful Instagram wall that makes you think of all the possibilities that you may open up by consuming cannabis.

Kassia Graham

Kassia Graham embodies an Instagram personality with an extremely supportive and positive message on almost every post that goes up. Kassia supports many anti-racist causes and enables a healthy discussion that somehow combines well with cannabis advocacy.

Marissa Baca

Marissa is a Queens, NYC inhabitant that is personally described on the Instagram profile as a queer human. Another label on there is ‘creative direction & design’ which we can see how it makes sense after taking a look at a very politically and socially minded Instagram profile.

Rommy Torrico

@rommyyy123 is a visual artist, migrant, Chilean, non-binary person with many LGBTQ-related messages and posts that has a lot to say about society.

Loveis Wise

To quote the description of this content creator’s Instagram profile; “an expression of joy and oneness with you.Illustrator whose name is a sentence.”

Micah Bazant

Expect incredibly inspiring art accompanied by messages that are worth having a second thought about; art with meaning, making liberation look irresistible.

Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson is @laganjastranja a THV personality, choreographer, and musician with a clear inclination towards cannabis advocacy and beautifully taken pictures.

Hybrid Drag

@hybriddrag takes unbelievably cool-looking pictures with clear-cut nudges towards cannabis or LGBTQ advocacy. Expect cool, yet very unique art from this content creator.

Jess Human

@iamjesshuman is a source for content created to support the bravery of allowing yourself to be vulnerable and a few other things that JessHuman stands for; like, being curvy and cannabis-friendly.

Andrea Flowers

Andrea Flowers is a Terpene Queen and Sr. Sales Manager for @otherpeoplespot. Also founder of Terps Not Terfs, a trans-led, cannabis-driven initiative dedicated to equity and inclusivity. A Trans cannabis advocate, activist, and artist that you might want to check out.

Matt Bernstein

As per the Instagram profile description; “queer jew fairy in stiletto nails”, which is at the bare minimum the description of an Instagram profile you cannot go without checking out. Expect a unique way to get a message across through creative artistry dedicated to LGBTQ activism

Matu Santamaria

Probably the most unique art you’ll find on this list. All pastel-colored art with what seems to be a clearly cartoonish influence that makes every piece just as fun as the last post. A Spanish-speaking Instagram profile with interesting messages that are worth thinking and reading about.

Sophia Julio

Sophia Julio is a Chicago-born artist and activist. As a member of the Tree Femme Collective and the founder of Propacanna she fights for inclusivity in the cannabis industry and for the end of the War on Drugs.

June 22, 2021 — Last Updated June 23, 2021
Written by Herb
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June 22, 2021 — Last Updated June 23, 2021
Written by Herb
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