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Why Making Out While Stoned is so Goddamn Hot

Bow chicka wow wow.

Meeting up wasn’t as awkward as you thought it might have been. The dinner—and the conversation over it—was brilliant. You discovered that you have several things in common, one of which is your mutual love for pot (the chances!), and now, as the evening blossoms and the prerolls come out, the flame you use to light up that joint isn’t the first spark of the evening—and it sure as hell isn’t the last.

Or maybe, this isn’t your first date. Perhaps you and your partner’s makeout game is already on point and has been for quite some time. Your mutual love of weed has made you a better and more attentive lover in the process, resulting in the significant improvement of your relationship over the days, months, or years.

Whatever your situation looks like, making out while stoned is an electric experience. Many personal accounts—and some scientific evidence—already credit cannabis with making sex that much more incredible , so why wouldn’t making out while stoned be amazing as well? Here’s some ways cannabis makes for hot foreplay.

It Gets You On The Same Level

There’s a reason why these days people on dating apps are upfront about whether they’re 420 friendly. Some apps like OkCupid even allow you to choose an option on your profile that tells people you smoke weed—and there’s apps, too, like HighThere! which is just for weed smokers. That’s because there’s nothing like finding out a person smokes weed—and then sharing a joint with them—to break the ice. We’ll just put this out there: there’s a lot of ways smoke can get from one mouth to another.

It’s funnnn

Of course, one of the things weed is most known for is lightening the mood. There’s a time and a place for romance, but there’s also a time and place for, well, play. And there’s nothing like sharing a good joint, in the middle of a heated makeout session, to get both people interested in trying new things. We’ll let you decide what those are…

It Slows You Down

The hottest makeout sessions are often the slow ones—where you’re feeling into your partner’s body. One of the leading benefits of smoking weed is that it relaxes us mentally and physically. That’s also why it can be so incredible when things progress beyond making out.

Kissing someone doesn’t have to do with you or your lips as much as it has to do with paying attention and understanding someone’s signals. So smoke up, tune in, and your partner will be wondering in no time where that intuition of your’s came from.

It’s Taboo

For the most part, us weed lovers want the taboo of cannabis—reefer madness—to be a thing of the distant past. But there’s one benefit to the continued taboo and it’s that, especially when you’re making out with someone, it can feel like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be. There’s nothing like doing one thing that’s provocative to get you thinking about what might be next.

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