Photo courtesy of Fumaratto

Culture | 02.03.2022

Meet Fumaratto: The Colombian DJ Making Guaracha Music Popular Worldwide

Merging his culture's music with contemporary electronic is what this young producer does best.

Electronic music seems to dominate the modern music industry because of how vast the genre is. It allows artists and producers to formulate sounds that are entirely their own or utilize staple elements from their culture’s traditional music. 

One producer and DJ keeps his culture’s roots on the dashboard as he continues driving towards international fame. Meet Fumaratto, hailing from the city of Medellin in Colombia. At the mere age of 23, Fumaratto is already carrying the country’s electronic music scene on his shoulders with 1.7 million listeners on Spotify alone and 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Photo courtesy of Fumaratto

His debut album dropped on January 15, entitled ‘Origenes,’ which features 19 fiery tracks and all sorts of like-minded artists. The project also features his hit single, “Me Provocas,” which generated an impressive 96 million streams on Spotify.

Fumaratto’s appreciation for music stems from an early age, where his parents introduced him to salsa by constantly playing Latin radio. He later ventured into production and created sets that emphasized smooth Latin vocals, leading him to play around with his culture’s sounds and merge them with DeepTech, Tribal House, and TechnoHouse.

Other hits that put Fumaratto’s music on the map were “Prende la Fiesta” and “Feromonas,” helping him become a staple in Latin America’s tribal house community. One of the most notable aspects of his music stems from the traditional Cuban Guaracha rhythm.

Guaracha music is mostly made up of instruments like güiro, Spanish guitar, cuatro, maracas, tres, accordion, trumpet, and the conga, also known as tumbadora. These elements are commonly used in modern Latin House, which comprises contemporary synthesizers and electronics with cultural music from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Tribal House is similar in the way it combines modern house music with world music. It resembles a deep house arrangement but nods to different cultures through traditional percussion elements like conga drums. 

The undeniable danceable and upbeat rhythm produced by guaracha merged with Latin House, Tribal House, and DeepTech is what makes Fumaratto’s music stand out from other artists in the electronic scene. We encourage you to keep up with the renowned producer as he makes his next moves in the music industry. 

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